Watchman: DC Judge for the United States District Court Sick, Diseased, Truly Evil Anti-American Filth Is What Beryl A. Howell Is. Anonymous Warrants. Covert Deliberations. Confidential Records. The Stuff of Evil Communist Regimes Like That of Adolf Hitler

Watchman: Lawlessness Will Abound in the Days Ahead, It’s Fair to Say That This Country’s People Are on Their Own, All Hell Is About to Break Loose,Satan’s Forces are No Match Against God’s Servant Who is Powered and Directed by God’s Spirit...

HNewsWire: Massive COVID fraud, which is as severe as or worse every year, is still going on. The Democrat falsehood that it was Russian disinformation that convinced 10% of voters to support Biden over Trump was a big lie about the Hunter Biden laptop. Currently, there is a gigantic legal scam intended to put Trump in prison for life or at the very least prevent him from standing in the election of 2024 against a candidate who is unable to travel to a grocery store by himself. When will something be done about this, by anyone? WILL OF GOD COMING REAL SOON!

Here is yet another leftist idiot judge whose breath stinks so badly of scum that I can smell it from here. Where on earth would President Trump flee to? And why? He is enjoying this so much that he wouldn’t miss this circus for the world. We have seen all of the clowns fall over themselves while serving their indictments, and every time President Trump rises in the polls, They are running scared because they know when President Trump becomes President again, they can kiss their arses goodbye.


I suppose that Trump's entourage of Secret Service agents is a part of the plan to flee the nation. Given that they rigged his first election and are currently working on this one, I'm sure Trump had plans to flee to Russia. If Putin wins the election, he could have to manage our government from his office in Moscow in order to avoid going to prison.

They continue to accuse Mr. Trump of doing things that only demonRATS would do. They are so terrified of this man that it is almost comical. He exists in their minds.

According to freshly disclosed records, a federal judge claimed that former President Donald Trump may leave if he knew of a secret warrant.

According to a filing from Twitter that was among those unsealed by the judge on Aug. 15, "immediate notification to the customer or subscriber of the TARGET ACCOUNT(S) would seriously jeopardize the ongoing investigation, as such a disclosure would give that person an opportunity to destroy evidence, change patterns of behavior, notify confederates, and flee from prosecution," according to U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell.

The non-disclosure order was issued by Judge Howell, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, at the request of the special counsel's team.

President Trump's lawyers did not reply to demands for comment.

The injunction forbade Twitter, now known as X, from informing President Trump about the warrant, forcing Twitter to supply Mr. Smith's team with considerable material from President Trump's account.

Mr. Smith's lawyers said in a filing that was also unsealed this week that the court should grant the non-disclosure order because the former president may try to flee if it was not.

Keeping the warrant hidden "furthers several additional governmental interests, including (1) 'prevent[ing] the escape' of individuals who may be indicted," Mr. Smith's team said.

Mr. Smith and Judge Howell's claims were challenged by Twitter, which claimed that "there is no reason to believe that notification of this latest search warrant in this investigation would suddenly cause former President Trump or any potential confederates to destroy evidence, intimidate witnesses, or flee prosecution."

"The former President has announced that he will run for re-election in 2024, making it highly improbable that he will attempt to flee the country, and even more improbable that such flight would be precipitated by this specific warrant," Twitter lawyers wrote in a Feb. 2 filing.

During a hearing on February 7, Judge Howell stated that she understood Twitter's request to modify the non-disclosure order to remove the "potential risk of flight by the president."

"Although he does have properties overseas, that would be probative," she explained.The claim of flight danger "doesn't make a lot of sense," one Twitter lawyer later stated.

"I would agree with that," remarked Judge Howell.Prosecutors later recanted the claim in an official response to Twitter, explaining that they included the language in error.

According to Mr. Smith's team, the application for the order (NDO) "erroneously included flight from prosecution as a predicate." "The government now seeks to strike from the NDO this language, which can be found at the bottom of page two of the NDO."

It's unclear whether such language was ever repealed.Previously, an appeals court made portions of Judge Howell's order public, defending her judgment to approve the warrant and order.

Warrant has been approved and reaffirmed.The warrant was approved on the same day it was submitted, on January 17.

That same day, Judge Howell issued the non-disclosure order, which Twitter later contested.Mr. Smith acquired the order as part of his investigation of President Trump's investigation into the 2020 presidential race. Mr. Smith has since charged the former president with conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Twitter stated that it should be able to notify President Trump about the order because the data contained messages that Twitter described as "confidential communications" between President Trump and senior advisers. According to Twitter, informing President Trump would allow him to fight the warrant, which is permitted under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

"All we're trying to do is exercise our First Amendment rights to notify the user so that the user may assert that privilege if he chooses," a Twitter lawyer explained during the hearing.

There was no evidence that confidential messages were among the data sought, according to government lawyers, and the government's compelling interest in keeping the warrant hidden from President Trump outweighed any Twitter rights. Judge Howell ruled in favor of the government, ordering Twitter to comply with the warrant and rejecting its attempt to amend or remove the non-disclosure order.

Twitter eventually provided Mr. Smith's team with a wealth of information, including deleted messages, draft postings, and location data for anyone who posted to President Trump's account.

President Trump has condemned the development, saying on Truth Social that the moves were intended to jeopardize his presidential candidacy in 2024. "Does the First Amendment still exist?" he asked.



Watchman Says Satan Soldier Nut-Case Dark ICC Judge Jack Smith Open The Door On The 2020 Vote–He Will Regret Getting Involve With Selling His Soul, by Way Of Nihilism

By StevieRay Hansen | August 9, 2023

HNewsWire: While the request sounds like the usual grandstanding, Smith may actually have something to fear from our 45th president, although it may not be exactly what he intends to convey here. Indeed, it may be far more significant than mere social media puffery in the end. The actual 2020 presidential vote results, in which fewer and fewer of our citizens have confidence, have been called to question. Given the nature of his indictment of Mr. Trump related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach, it seems the special counsel has opened the door to putting the 2020 presidential election on trial. Mr. Smith’s indictment depends on proving that Mr. Trump was lying when he said the vote was fraudulent. Well, we’ll see. The mainstream media and their new best friend, former Attorney General William Barr, assure us these same……...

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Watchman’s Warning: Jack Smith Is a Deranged, Low-Class, and Dangerous Human Being. Because They Are Really Cunning, Nasty People, We Must All Be Aware That It Might Happen to Any of Us and We Would Have No Relief

By StevieRay Hansen | August 2, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Our courts are demonic..We are learning about the LIES just ONE DAY after pressing charges! What is still hidden? Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team revealed a surprising admission in its case against former President Donald Trump in a recent court filing: it falsely stated that it had handed all material to Mr. Trump’s legal team, while failing to do so. Mr. Smith’s team admitted in a court filing on July 31 (pdf) in its classified documents case against the former president that it falsely claimed during a court hearing on July 18 that it had given Mr. Trump’s defense attorneys access to all Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage in accordance with the law. “On July 27, as part of the preparation for the superseding indictment coming later that day and the discovery production for Defendant De Oliveira, the Government learned that…

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