Satan Soldier Biden Is Blaming Energy Companies for His Own Failures as a Want-Be President, and Not Only That-He Is Also Going to Beg and Grovel the Known Terrorist Saudi Arabia While Bashing His Own Domestic Producers

HNewsWire: According to Axios, Satan Soldier Biden escalated his assaults on the nation’s top oil firms, penning a “angry” letter to the CEOs of ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP America, Shell USA, Phillips 66, Marathon, and Valero urging them to increase US refinery production. “I understand that many factors contributed to the business decisions to reduce refinery capacity that occurred before I took office,” Biden writes, hoping that everyone is an idiot incapable of understanding how green policies have crippled the US energy sector, adding that “at a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable.” “My administration is willing to employ all reasonable and acceptable federal government instruments and emergency powers in the short term to enhance refinery capacity and production, and to guarantee that every part of our nation is…


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