According to the Watchman COVID Mandates Are Alive and Well in Texas, and This Could Be Just the Beginning.” One of Satan’s Soldiers, Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, Attributes Vaccination Skepticism to “The Anti-intellectualism Promoted During the Nazi and Stalin Periods of the 20th’s Not as Red in Texas as Many Would Imagine.” Baylor Nazi Scientist Dr. Peter Hotez Has Spoken to the little People

SRH: Millions of People Have Died as a Result of the Kill Shot. So Dr. Peter Jay Hotez Would Like You to Take the Kill Shot. He Wants Your Children to Form a Line and Begin to Die, and This Is Science. Dr. Peter Hotez’s Funding Linked to Controversial Chinese Military Scientists at Wuhan Lab Funded by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Hotez’s R01AI098775 grant, Dr. Shibo Jiang and Dr. Lanying Du collaborated with scientists from the People’s Liberation Army and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Kanekoa Jun 23, 2023 In a groundbreaking revelation, it has come to light that Dr. Peter Hotez, an esteemed vaccine researcher, has been entangled in a web of funding, collaboration, and research with Chinese military scientists potentially involved in the development of COVID-19. The intricate tale weaves together key Chinese military virologists and culminates in…


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