Watchman: The FBI Warns of Threats in the United States Related to the Conflict Between Israel and Hamas. Recent FBI Raids on Americans May Have Given “Lone Actors” Ideas. They Have Already Done Some Factor Violence. The Head of the FBI Is a Domestic Terrorist Group. People in Charge Are the Worst of the Worst, Tribulation in Play

SRH: Watchman: A cautionary message from the FBI regarding potential domestic threats connected to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Recent FBI strikes on Americans may serve as inspiration for certain individuals known as ‘lone actors’. Once upon a time, there were those who had already embraced a path of violence. Once upon a time, there was a person who held a position of great power and authority. However, some individuals believed that this person had ulterior motives and questioned their true intentions. They saw this person as a threat to their own safety and security, labeling them as a domestic terrorist. It was a tale of suspicion and mistrust, where the lines between good and evil became blurred. Once upon a time, there were officials who seemed to embody the very essence of incompetence and corruption. Their actions caused great distress…

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Possible FBI Wrongdoing: FBI Implicated in Disappearance of 9 Whistleblowers. Watchman Reports Seeing Evil. The Individuals in Question Are either Facing Legal Proceedings, Incarcerated, or Have Disappeared (Dead) Without a Trace. New World Order Play Book!

HNewsWire: The FBI has reason to believe that Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are obstructing justice by failing to locate a crucial informant in the investigation of President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and other members of the Biden family. Rep. James Comer, who chairs the committee, is suspected of deliberately impeding the investigation.Regrettably, the informant cannot be traced, as stated by the Kentucky Republican in an interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo. We suspect that the informant may still be present.   The individual who disclosed the information is acquainted with the source. The informant’s credibility is highly suspicious and warrants further investigation by the FBI.Investigate the following footage:The suspect disclosed that the informant is involved in the espionage industry and typically avoids being seen in public.”According to our sources, there are nine……...

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FBI Director Wray Denounces Threats After Raid on Trump’s Home: ‘Deplorable and Dangerous’ SRH: Our Country Will Be in Civil War by This Time Next Year, Evil Unelected Bureaucrats Have Gained Control, Tribulation Warp Speed!

One of My Issues With Trump Is His Lack of Discernment. Why Didn’t Trump See, Before Appointing Wray, That He Was Such a Satan Soldier Coward? Trump Will Almost Certainly Die or End up in Prison HNewsWire: Democrats are obsessed with envy of Trump! Trump has no need for a government assistance job, unlike Democrats. Wray is not the FBI; he is a teamster want tobe! I do not believe that any agency faced any threats. It is another fabricated reason, similar to Russia and Covid. They lack integrity because they lie every time they move their mouths. They are attempting to divert attention away from their ignorance and terrible intentions against Trump and the American people. Following BC will be American citizens. Just like many assume, they began on January 6th. Could it be all their doing? It appears…

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