Watchman: The FBI Warns of Threats in the United States Related to the Conflict Between Israel and Hamas. Recent FBI Raids on Americans May Have Given “Lone Actors” Ideas. They Have Already Done Some Factor Violence. The Head of the FBI Is a Domestic Terrorist Group. People in Charge Are the Worst of the Worst, Tribulation in Play


Watchman: A cautionary message from the FBI regarding potential domestic threats connected to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Recent FBI strikes on Americans may serve as inspiration for certain individuals known as 'lone actors'. Once upon a time, there were those who had already embraced a path of violence. Once upon a time, there was a person who held a position of great power and authority. However, some individuals believed that this person had ulterior motives and questioned their true intentions.

They saw this person as a threat to their own safety and security, labeling them as a domestic terrorist. It was a tale of suspicion and mistrust, where the lines between good and evil became blurred. Once upon a time, there were officials who seemed to embody the very essence of incompetence and corruption. Their actions caused great distress and suffering among the people, leading to a time of tribulation.


How long before FIBI starts making false claims about "ties" between Hamas and "domestic terror groups" like "white supremacists," "MAGA," the Catholic Church, PTA moms, and other groups? Was he telling us something bad about the Biden administration? What does the American traitor tell us about the danger we are in? He is the danger we face.

For 32 months, Little Joey didn't stop terrorists and spies from crossing our southern border. Now that it's election season, he lets 20 miles of fence be built with no rules stopping them. Suddenly, Wray says, "You know what? There may have been terrorists crossing that line!"

FBI Director Christopher Wray says that since Hamas's unusual attack on Israel, there have been more reports of threats against people in the United States.

During a call with reporters on Sunday, Mr. Wray said that the FBI is working quickly to reduce the threats, but that it does not rule out the idea that Hamas and other terror groups could use the conflict to call for or plan attacks in the United States.

Mr. Wray told CBS, "The threat is very much still there, and in fact, the threat picture keeps changing." "Here in the U.S., we cannot and do not discount the possibility that Hamas or other foreign terrorist organizations could exploit the conflict to call on their supporters to conduct attacks on our own soil."

So you let all of these people come into our country without a visa. The government paid to have you shipped to big towns across the US and put up in hotels. It's likely that a lot of them are from these Middle Eastern countries and hate the US. You are now telling us that terrorists are a bigger threat.

You said on October 12 that there was no evidence of a terrorist threat. There's some news. There is a good chance that an attack is going to happen, and this government and the alphabet agencies are going to let it happen. It's called a false flag, and it will happen soon.

Like all of his peers, Wray is a dishonest and dishonest person. Now he's telling us that there are terrorists in this country, after millions of people from who knows where got in. Take down that dishonest "crime organization," among others, and let's try to save our country and, it looks like, our lives!

So C.Wray says his FBI is moving quickly to stop domestic terrorism? The only thing Wray's FBI did quickly was go after soccer moms, who C.Wray called "domestic terrorists." Take that in! The J.B. Regime DOESN'T LIKE US. Also, both our border and Canada's border are still wide open. Ask questions about everything!

Our very dishonest "leaders" are getting us ready for war again. Okay, let's see... I wonder what building they'll destroy this time to justify war. The neocons might decide to nuke a whole city. Then they'll have a reason to keep going to war.

They will say that Russia gave Hamas a purse-sized nuclear bomb from the Soviet era. It looks like Tucker was right: in a year, our "leaders" will have us at war. Hello Falun Dafa followers! You came to America to get away from the tyranny, right? I'm truly sorry that I didn't warn you ahead of time. I'm sorry about that. You now know where you really live, though.

Don't worry, though. Get ready for that punch. When you realize that Americans aren't interested in Master's moral lessons, the poison will make you feel better.

Keep an eye on how the Fed lets attacks happen, just like Israel's intelligence. How to keep people in line Make a problem, see how people respond, and then offer a solution (give them a little freedom).

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