Watchman’s Warning About Blackouts is an Accurate Description of What We Are Facing. I Think Anyone Would Regard an Increasing Threat of System-Wide, Extensive Power Outages as a Crisis. That’s Coming. You Should Thank Google, Social Media Platforms, and The Green Wacko

HNewsWire: It’s impossible to overstate the value of a reliable electrical grid. When a grid fails, it can have devastating consequences. The United States’ electrical grid is among the most susceptible to disruption from outside forces. The electrical transmission lines in the United States are in danger from state-sponsored hackers from countries like Iran, Russia, and, unexpectedly, China. However, electric vehicles pose a separate, less evident threat to the grid (EVs). It is a top priority for the Biden administration to finally put the internal combustion engine in the junkyard of history. Americans are being urged to adopt EVs as part of a drastic move toward a new, zero-emission future. However, such an embrace demands an exceptionally reliable electrical system, which is precisely what the United States lacks. The U.S. power grid (or electric grid) consists of a massive interconnected system……...

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Watchman: When the Grid Goes Down, Go to Your Closest Green Neighbor, Take All of Their Stuff and Burn It for Heat

HNewsWire: Back then, ‘evil’ white guys ruled, and we predicted and solved issues BEFORE they became crises. Affirmative action has put blacks, transgender women, and lonely angry women in positions of authority with little ability or desire to correct or accomplish anything. Under liberal leadership, we are weakening by the day. Politicians are more concerned with a male becoming a lady than with maintaining our infrastructure, which should be a major priority. We KNOW who the major CULPRIT is, and their initials are “ERCOT,” and they are working for their FATHER, the devil. Over 300 individuals perished during our four-day cold winter power outage in “TEXAS” in 2020. ERCOT was “in charge” of “grid maintenance” for ten years. They skipped the maintenance and vanished the monies. As the snow flies and temperatures plummet, regulatory agencies and analysts alike warn that residents…

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