Watchman: For Years, Swine in the United States Have Been Secretly “Vaccinated” With mRNA Injections; Now They’re Coming for the Cattle. Gene Therapy Will Be Used on Our Food Supply to Further a UN-godly Transhumanist Agenda

SRH: mRNA is the beast’s signature. They have used it to seal humans, and now also animals? Life is the objective. Existence in all its forms Permanently replacing the DNA of God’s life on earth with the demonic-altered DNA. HNewsWire: Globalists openly admit this is their intention today. Has Big Ag already started the plan by injecting mRNA gene therapy into pigs and cows? Since 2018, pork producers have been using customisable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds without informing the public.All customized mRNA “vaccines” have never been tested. Only the mRNA platform has received approval. According to the American National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, “there are currently no licensed mRNA vaccines for use in beef cattle in the United States.” However, an association lobbyist claims to have “double-vaccinated” his own herd with an mRNA “vaccine” against bovine respiratory disease. On October…


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