Watchman: For Years, Swine in the United States Have Been Secretly “Vaccinated” With mRNA Injections; Now They’re Coming for the Cattle. Gene Therapy Will Be Used on Our Food Supply to Further a UN-godly Transhumanist Agenda

SRH: mRNA is the beast's signature. They have used it to seal humans, and now also animals? Life is the objective. Existence in all its forms Permanently replacing the DNA of God's life on earth with the demonic-altered DNA.


Globalists openly admit this is their intention today. Has Big Ag already started the plan by injecting mRNA gene therapy into pigs and cows?
Since 2018, pork producers have been using customisable mRNA-based "vaccines" on their herds without informing the public.All customized mRNA "vaccines" have never been tested. Only the mRNA platform has received approval.

According to the American National Cattlemen's Beef Association, "there are currently no licensed mRNA vaccines for use in beef cattle in the United States." However, an association lobbyist claims to have "double-vaccinated" his own herd with an mRNA "vaccine" against bovine respiratory disease.

On October 1, 2021, Iowa State University will begin testing an mRNA "vaccine" against the bovine respiratory syncytial virus.
House Bill 1169 in Missouri would require the labeling of products that can alter your genes. Big-ag lobbyists are vehemently opposed.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's
I reported last week that pork producers have been using customisable mRNA-based "vaccines" on their herds without informing the public since 20181. This issue only came to light after attorney Tom Renz began promoting new legislation in Missouri (House Bill 1169,2 which he helped write) requiring the labeling of mRNA products. 3 Renz stated in a tweet on April 1, 2023 (and no, this was not an April Fool's joke):

Breaking News: Lobbyists for cattle and pork associations in several states have confirmed that mRNA vaccines will be used in pigs and cows this month. WE MUST SUPPORT HB1169 IN MISSOURI. It is literally our ONLY chance to stop this... No one knows the consequences of doing this, but we are all at risk of dying suddenly if we do not stop.

The Transhumanist Agenda and Its Concentration on Food Thomas Renz | Bannon's War Room "I don't know how else to describe these people; they're psychopaths." April 8, 2023 (7 minutes)

Within days, alternative media was abuzz with this story, and Renz began making the rounds, sharing evidence that shows the US government has been working on vaccine integration into foods for at least two decades. Renz stated in an interview with Naomi Wolf, PhD on April 2, 2023:

[Bill] Gates, the WHO [World Health Organization], and a slew of universities are all talking about incorporating mRNA vaccinations into food. They plan to modify the genes of these foods in order to create mRNA vaccines.

The industry does not want you to know what it is up to. The pushback from Big Ag lobbyists against this bill requiring industry transparency on this critical issue has been enormous, and one possible reason is that they'd have to admit that all kinds of foods have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, have genetic modifications, or have been modified to serve as human vaccinations.

This would not only devastate Big Ag, but it would also have a significant impact on any covert attempts by Big Pharma to use the food supply to distribute vaccines without consumers' knowledge. 6  Renz believes the globalists' transhumanist agenda is being secretly advanced through gene therapy in food production.

I can't help but wonder if the industry simply doesn't understand how mRNA gene therapy in livestock might affect consumers, or if they want to hide the fact that they're using gene therapy because they DO know it can have an impact on humans.

Globalists, such as World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, have openly stated their intention to alter humanity, both genetically and through the incorporation of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology into the human body.

And, using COVID as a cover, they were able to recruit the entire world's population as test subjects for this dangerous experiment. We know for a fact, as Renz mentioned in the Real America's Voice interview above, that mRNA COVID injections have no benefit in terms of preventing COVID infection.

Untested mRNA "Vaccines" in Livestock
If mRNA covid injections do not prevent infection, why should we believe that mRNA injections for viral and bacterial infections in swine will? One of the most concerning aspects of using mRNA "vaccines" in pigs is that they are all, by definition, untested. According to Merck's website, Sequivity, its "custom swine vaccine," is not a vaccine but rather a platform that allows for the infinite customization of "mRNA vaccines." The customized mRNA injections made with it are completely untested. This is how it works: 7 A pathogen is collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The target gene is sequenced and electronically transmitted to Sequivity analysts.Synthesized and inserted into the RNA production platform is a synthetic version of the gene of interest.The RNA particles released by incubated production cells are harvested and combined to create a personalized "vaccine."

According to Zoetis, the world's largest producer of veterinary drugs and vaccines: 8 "Sequivity has safety and efficacy studies based on the platform with a historical initial isolate, which is not likely to be the isolate that customers would be requesting in their product."

What was the first isolate? Will mRNA against a bacterial disease have the same effect on animals as mRNA against a viral infection? What "genes of interest" have been selected? Could selected spike proteins be as pathogenic as the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein?

Willn't mutations become rampant in CAFO environments with high animal populations as bacteria and viruses are subjected to constant "customized" vaccination pressure to adapt and become more dangerous? These are just a few of the questions that must be addressed.

Finally, the fact that mRNA injections can be infinitely customized without safety testing demonstrates how broken the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration are.

They simply cannot guarantee the safety of customized mRNA shots. The fact that the platform itself works and allows for this customization does not imply that the injections being prepared are safe and effective. The platform's approval also does not prove that the food is safe to eat after being treated with mRNA.Mice are immunized using cow's milk. According to Dr. Peter McCullough, nine Chinese researchers have proven that food can be turned into a vaccine. 10 Public health agencies can manipulate the nation's food supply to influence population outcomes.

An oral route of administration using mRNA in cow's milk is now being considered specifically for COVID-19 vaccination. Zhang and colleagues demonstrated that a 675 base pair mRNA code could be loaded into phospholipid packets called exosomes derived from milk and then fed to mice using the same milk.

The exosomes were absorbed by the mice's gastrointestinal tract, and the mRNA must have made its way into the bloodstream and lymphatic tissue because antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (receptor binding domain) were produced in fed mice.

[G]iven the harm caused by mRNA vaccines in terms of injuries, disabilities, and deaths, these findings raise serious ethical concerns. According to the COVID States project, 25% of Americans successfully avoided vaccination.

This group would be strongly opposed to mRNA in the food supply, especially if it was done covertly or with minimal labeling or warnings...
Milk vaccines as an EUA offering would allow even more loading of the body with synthetic mRNA, which has been proven resistant to ribonucleases and may reside permanently in the human body, for those who have taken one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

These findings lead me to believe that mRNA technology has entered a new, much darker phase of development. Expect more mRNA research and resistance in our food supply. The Chinese have just taken the first of many potentially dangerous steps for the rest of the world.

Will beef also be treated with mRNA?

There is currently no evidence that beef cattle are being treated with customisable mRNA "vaccines," either in Europe11 or the United States. According to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, "there are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States." 12,13

However, the Cattlemen's Association has previously stated that they intend to use mRNA injections in cattle in the future (14, 15), which could affect both dairy and beef. Time will tell if public outrage will put a stop to such plans.

The Cattlemen's Association is obviously concerned about internet rumors that it is already in use. Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller issued a statement on April 3, 2023, promising to conduct a risk assessment of the technology before its adoption. 16

Since learning about the development of mRNA vaccines and mRNA-related treatments for livestock, the Texas Department of Agriculture has been working to create a fact-based and science-based assessment of the risks associated with this technology.

Our analysis will include clinical research, the structure of current Texas law, and the public policy, economic, and production implications of the various policy prescriptions we may pursue. I want to make sure that Texas agriculture is safe, trusted, healthy, and free of dangerous or unproven technology.

Personally, I take this matter very seriously. There are no political hot takes. Simply a well-reasoned, well-researched proposal based on extensive input from stakeholders, scientists, agriculturalists, and other experts. TDA is looking into this issue and will share your concerns. Please keep an eye out...

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