Just as Luke 12:49 & Revelation Tells Us, There Will Be Great Division – Brother Against Brother, Mother Against Daughter, Son Against Dad, These Corrupt Politicians Will Literally Tear Each Other


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Apart, It’s Going to Get Interesting, It’s Going to Get Messy, and We Will See Mayhem Around the Globe

Texas Joins West Virginia In Boycotting BlackRock Over ‘Decarbonization’ Push

“If Wall Street turns their back on Texas and our thriving oil and gas industry, then Texas will not do business with Wall Street,” Patrick wrote.

Unlike his previous letter to investors from 2021, when Fink announced BlackRock’s commitment to achieving “net zero” emissions while pressuring energy companies to make climate protection more of a priority, Fink said in his latest letter that companies must balance the interests of many different stakeholders. In a sense, Fink was walking back BlackRock’s hostile stance toward fossil fuel companies.

BlackRock clarified in a statement that it “does not boycott energy companies,” according to Bloomberg.

The firm “does not boycott energy companies,” New York-based BlackRock said in an emailed statement. “We do not pursue divestment from oil and gas companies as a policy. We will continue to invest in these companies and work with them to maximize long-term value for our clients. Our primary concern with the law is the potential negative consequences it could have on current and future Texas pensioners.”

In his letter to Hegar, Lt. Gov. Patrick referenced the “Oil & Gas Investment Protection Act”, a Texas law that was passed and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott last year. The law stipulates that the Texas government shouldn’t contract with or invest in companies that boycott the energy industry. As part of the law, the state comptroller is tasked with preparing an “official list” of firms that are attacking the state’s most important industry. Lt. Gov. Patrick is asking that BlackRock be placed “at the top” of that list.

Patrick explained that BlackRock’s commitment to “net zero” emissions and decarbonization directly contradicts the firm’s assurances that it is “committed to Texas and Texas’s vast energy footprint.”

“Just yesterday, BlackRock Chairman and CEO, Larry Fink, issued his annual 2022 letter to CEOs indicating that BlackRock’s goal is to transition to a “net zero” world, including decarbonizing the energy sector. Needless to say, it is highly inconsistent to claim support for Texas’ oil and gas energy industry while leading a “net zero” policy effort that will destroy the oil and gas industry and destabilize the economy worldwide.”

Now that Texas has joined W.Va. in slamming BlackRock and Larry Fink over their (largely fanciful) commitments to “net zero” and promises to divest from oil and gas firms, we’re certainly curious to see if any more states with vibrant energy industries (Oklahoma, perhaps?) add their voices to the chorus of criticism directed at the world’s largest asset manager.

Readers can find Lt. Gov Patrick’s complete letter below:

Dear Comptroller Hegar,

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to implement Senate Bill (SB) 13 (87th Regular Session), the Oil & Gas Investment Protection Act, by Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury. As you know, this law says Texas should not contract with or invest in companies that boycott energy companies. Because I strongly believe we need to prioritize and protect our state’s and nation’s energy independence, I made the passage of SB 13 a high priority.

As you prepare the official list of companies that boycott energy companies, I ask that you include BlackRock, and any company like them, that choose to hurt Texas oil and gas energy companies by boycotting them in violation of Senate Bill 13. As I have stated before, if Wall Street turns their back on Texas and our thriving oil and gas industry, then Texas will not do business with Wall Street.

Please know, BlackRock only recently met with my office after you sent BlackRock and others a letter threatening to take action against entities that boycott energy companies. At the meeting with my staff, Blackrock said it was committed to Texas and Texas’s vast energy footprint, but I have grave concerns that BlackRock’s public statements and actions do not reflect its sentiments presented to my office.

Just yesterday, BlackRock Chairman and CEO, Larry Fink, issued his annual 2022 letter to CEOs indicating that BlackRock’s goal is to transition to a “net zero” world, including decarbonizing the energy sector. Needless to say, it is highly inconsistent to claim support for Texas’ oil and gas energy industry while leading a “net zero” policy effort that will destroy the oil and gas industry and destabilize the economy worldwide.

This is nothing new for Mr. Fink. In his 2020 letter to CEOs, he stated that Blackrock would be “exiting investments that present a high sustainability-related risk.”

He expanded on this initiative further in his letter to BlackRock’s clients:

“Where we do not see progress in [transitioning to “net zero”], and in particular where we see a lack of alignment combined with a lack of engagement, we will not only use our vote against management for our index portfolio-held shares, we will also flag these holdings for potential exit in our discretionary active portfolios[.]”

According to Bloomberg on January 12, 2022, when addressing their new Climate Action Multi-Asset Fund and Climate Action Equity Fund, BlackRock said that it intends to incorporate a year-on-year decarbonization rate and identify companies that appear to be “long-term, disruptive structural winners” in driving down greenhouse gas emissions.

These statements indicate that BlackRock is capriciously discriminating against the oil and gas industry by exiting investments solely because companies do not subscribe to a “net zero” policy beyond what is required by law.

According to SB 13, a company is considered to be boycotting an energy company if it limits relations with an entity involved in the fossil fuel-based energy sector if the entity “does not commit or pledge to meet environmental standards beyond applicable federal and state law[.]” Committing to a “net zero” carbon strategy is beyond applicable environmental standards in federal and state law. Therefore, BlackRock is boycotting energy companies by basing investment decisions on whether a company pledges to meet BlackRock’s “net zero” goals.

Furthermore, BlackRock’s discrimination goes well beyond just its investment decisions. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was noted that “BlackRock made waves last spring when it voted to replace three Exxon Mobil Corp. directors over the oil giant’s reluctance to quickly transition to cleaner energy sources.” It is not appropriate for Mr. Fink and BlackRock, or any other company, to arbitrarily strong-arm the energy sector to commit to exceed federal and state environmental laws.

As you prepare the list of those that boycott Texas energy companies, I ask that BlackRock be at the top of the list, and any company like them that discriminates against Texas energy. I am committed to keeping Texas the number one oil and gas state in the country. Texas will not do business with those that boycott fossil fuels.

Thank you for all you do for Texas. Source: ZeroHedge

Texas AG Accuses Biden Admin Of Creating Border Crisis As Large Migrant Caravan Approaches

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has accused the Biden administration of not following federal laws and “inviting” illegal migrants by changing policies meant to discourage them from entering the country.

Paxton’s comments come as a migrant caravan with almost 3,000 Haitians and Central Americans reportedly departed Tapachula, Mexico late last week and were heading towards the southern border, according to Mexican news reports and social media.

Speaking to Fox News Live, Paxton described the situation as “deja-vu.”

“The Biden administration is not doing what they need to do to stop this. As a matter of fact, they’re inviting it,” he said.

“The border patrol is frustrated with having to deal with logistics and handling these families.”

Paxton said border agents are risking their lives but “are not encouraged to do their jobs … or protect the border. They’re not allowed to have the resources that they need.”

Led by Center for Human Dignity leader Luis Garcia Villagran, the migrant caravan plans to join up with former Arizona activist Irineo Mujica in Veracruz and other migrants before entering the United States.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, there have almost been 1.6 million illegal aliens apprehended during the fiscal year 2021. When migrants stopped at the border are included, the number comes to 2 million.

“It’s clear to me that the Biden administration does not want to stop this,” Paxton said.

“They have changed all the policies that stopped this,” referring to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton at a press conference in Anzalduas Park near McAllen, Texas, on April 28, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

In January, President Joe Biden paused deportations, stopped border wall construction, halted the Remain in Mexico program, repurposed Immigration and Customs Enforcement priorities, and reversed the ban on travel from terror-prone countries.

Paxton said that his office had to sue the Biden administration seven times and that they had won, but the administration still hasn’t implemented the program for migrants to stay back in Mexico.

Regarding whether it was fair to condemn the administration for drug dealers and criminals being part of the people coming in, Paxton said, “They know these cartels are gaining strength … They charge for almost everybody that crosses the border. You’re not getting across without paying the cartels … an average of $8,000,” according to estimates from Border Patrol.

“The Biden administration knows this. They’re aiding and abetting the cartels for not only the transportation of drugs but also the transportation of human beings.”

Paxton reiterated that if the administration just enforces laws passed by Congress, restricts migrants to Mexico, and deports criminals, there could be an immigration policy that works.

U.S. residents living near the border have to bear the brunt of the issue while Americans elsewhere are currently not impacted, Paxton said. “They’re not going to be affected like the people on the border whose property is being damaged, who are scared to go out at night or sometime even in the day,” because they don’t know who’s crossing their properties, he said.

“This is going to affect the entire nation because these people are moved around secretly, overnight on planes and buses … Some have COVID, some are drug-runners, potentially criminals, they could be terrorists. We don’t know … We aren’t able to keep track of them,” he said.

The White House has dodged difficult questions relating to the border and has refused to call it a “crisis,” instead saying it’s focusing on the “root causes” of illegal immigration and that it’s seeking a “fair, orderly, and humane” immigration system.

Last month, when asked by CNN whether he plans to visit the border, Biden said, “I guess I should go down. But the-but the whole point of it is: I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down.”

Biden met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Thursday to discuss a range of issues of which one was migration. Source: ZeroHedge

The House on Wednesday voted 223-207 to censure Republican Rep. Paul Gosar following a video he posted on Twitter (which has now been deleted) that features him as an anime character attacking President Joe Biden and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The video in question, which Gosar posted Sunday night, depicts Gosar’s face edited onto a character from popular anime show “Attack on Titan,” parodying the show’s opening credits. At one point in the video, Gosar’s character, wielding two swords, attacks characters with Ocasio-Cortez’s and Biden’s faces.

Gosar also posted a meme, mocking the backlash he received for the original video…


– Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) November 9, 2021

Ahead of the vote, AOC told reporters that “in a perfect world” Gosar would be expelled from the House, but, as RCP’s Carl Cannon noted, she’ll take what pound of flesh she can get — namely the neutering of the “creepy” congressman.

Her fellow Democrats were all in. Calling Gosar’s video “an insult to the institution of the House of Representatives,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We cannot have members joking about murdering each other as well as threatening the president of the United States.

Two of Pelosi’s fellow Californians, Reps. Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu, labeled the entire House GOP “sick” for not joining Democrats in their effort to expel Gosar over his crude spoof.

Did Rep. Ted Lieu, for example, consider Kathy Griffin a “sick” pariah? Did he call for her to be banned or censured or punished? In a word, no.

The resolution also strips Gosar of his main committee assignments which include House Oversight – which Ocasio-Cortez also serves on – as well as the Natural Resources Committee.

Two House Republicans joined the Democrats in censuring Gosar… Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

When Any Nation Can No Longer Judge Between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and Light and Darkness, Its People Are Reprobates…

Here are some demons you may recognize. They are partners with ingratitude. These are Godward (repentance is an absolute necessity): Ingratitude to God Dishonor of God Rejection of God & His dealings with you Thanklessness Hatred Towards God Anger Towards God

  • Ingratitude to God Dishonor of God
  • Rejection of God & His dealings with you
  • Thanklessness Hatred Towards God Anger Towards God
  • Dishonor of God
  • Rejection of God & His dealings with you
  • Proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. Have you ever noticed who does the bragging and boasting? It is usually those who are attempting to cover their failures. Are they full of hot air? People who boast are really showing their rejection.

The control demon is called “Schizophrenia” or “Double-Mindedness”. The Bible says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways” (James 1:8).
The phrase translated “two minds” comes from a compound Greek word literally meaning “two souls”. The CEO’s of Google ,Twitter and Facebook are  “Schizophrenia” or “Double-Mindedness”

I go back to my original statement in January, this is a “Pestilence”, God knew evil men were in labs concocting a virus with the intention of harming humanity. SRH…

It’s interesting to me you don’t find the words plague(s) and pestilence in the New Testament under any context other than the judgment of God.  (In fact, for the most part, the context of those words in the Old Testament is also within the judgment of God.

Source: HNewsWire   HNewsWire   ZeroHedge   Reference StevieRay Hansen
[email protected]

The worst-case scenario is outright civil war. This is too horrible to contemplate, but this possibility is real. President Biden said his patience is wearing thin. That works both ways. Things are getting tense in Australia. It could happen here, too.

Remember, the first people Hitler put in concentration camps weren’t the Jews. The first people were the intellectuals, because if you take the intellectuals and the doctors off the street, if you stop people from talking, you can control the people.


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