Update: 11/16/21 Pestilence: “They’re Everywhere” Deadly ‘Fat-Tailed Scorpions’ Swarm Egyptian Town…


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Pestilence a Deadly Disaster Disease That Affects an Entire Community…

It’s interesting to me you don’t find the words plague(s) and pestilence in the New Testament under any context other than the judgment of God.  (In fact, for the most part, the context of those words in the Old Testament is also within the judgment of God.)

Deadly ‘Fat-Tailed Scorpions’ Swarm Egyptian Town After Flooding – At Least 500 Hospitalized

A rare storm in the south of Egypt has caused floods that in turn unleashed many thousands of scorpions taking shelter in people homes and swarming inhabited areas.

International reports have counted at least 500 hospitalized, including at least three deaths reported, following days of heavy rain in Aswan, Egypt along the Nile. The huge number of injuries are from scorpions and snakes which were stirred out of their hiding places and entered the nearby town, quickly resulted in unprecedented numbers of stings and bites. 

Androctonus crassicauda, via WikiCommons

The three deaths appear to have been from the flooding, according to local health officials, who have also reported that hospitals are currently overwhelmed by scorpion bites from Egypt’s “Arabian Fat-Tailed scorpions”, considered one of the deadliest the world.

However, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and local officials say they have plenty of anti-venom on hand to handle the unprecedented numbers of stings. Symptoms being widely reported include fever, vomiting, muscle tremors, body twitching, diarrhea and extreme pain at the sting site. 

The three to four inch long fat-tail scorpion that inhabits the region is described in Al Jazeera as follows:

The Aswan mountains are home to the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion, or Androctonus crassicauda, which translates from Greek to “man-killer”. They are considered among the most dangerous scorpions in the world, with a highly toxic venom that could kill an adult within an hour of being stung. Their sting is known to cause several human deaths a year.

Videos posted to social media have featured rapidly rising flood waters in the city, with people on rafts trying to escape. Another widely-circulated video from the past days of storms shows a pair of large scorpions just outside the door of a home…

ليلة عصيبة مليئة بالرعب مرَّت علىٰ أهالي محافظة #أسوان 3 قتلىٰ ومئات المصابين بعد عاصفة رعدية وهيجان العقارب والثعابين من جحورهن – #مصر pic.twitter.com/j5QFRevcGq— Jarah Aldhafeeri جراح الظفيري (@Q8J72) November 14, 2021

Scorpions, snakes, and other creatures will tend to seek higher ground once flood waters are strong enough to wash them away.

דרום מצרים, אסוואן, מכת עקרבים בעקבות גשמים עזים שהבריחו אותם לבתים. התוצאה – שלושה מתים ו-450 נפגעים מעקיצות עקרבים pic.twitter.com/XtqoP6uYxQ— roi kais • روعي كايس • רועי קייס (@kaisos1987) November 13, 2021

The Egyptian fat-tailed scorpion is a common species found throughout North Africa and typically isn’t a big problem given they hide from humans. But with the severe flooding, people are being asked to stay in their homes while being on alert for the venomous creatures entering their areas.  Source: ZeroHedge

US Bird-Killing Plague Has Got A Lot Worse

Up-Date 7/23/21 Large numbers of birds are dropping dead from a “mystery disease” throughout much of the eastern half of the country, and scientists still have absolutely no idea why this is happening.  They have tested the dead birds for a whole host of known illnesses, but those tests have not revealed the cause of this plague.

We are being told that a lot of the affected birds appear to develop neurological problems, and many of them go completely blind before they finally die.  The “mystery disease” has spread to more states since I first wrote about this plague, and at this point the list of affected areas includes Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  If authorities are unable to find a solution, will this plague eventually spread across the entire nation?

I Don’t Know Why The Mainstream Media Is Not Giving This Story More Coverage, Because This Is Quickly Turning Into A Major Crisis.

The following comes directly from a statement that was posted late last week on the official website of the USGS

In late May, wildlife managers in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky began receiving reports of sick and dying birds with eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as neurological signs. More recently, additional reports have been received from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. While the majority of affected birds are reported to be fledgling common grackles, blue jays, European starlings and American robins, other species of songbirds have been reported as well. No definitive cause(s) of illness or death have been determined at this time. No human health or domestic livestock and poultry issues have been reported.

The natural resource management agencies in the affected states and the District of Columbia, along with the National Park Service, are continuing to work with diagnostic laboratories to investigate the cause(s) of this event. Those laboratories include the USGS National Wildlife Health Center, the University of Georgia Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, the University of Pennsylvania Wildlife Futures Program and the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

With Each Passing Day, More Birds Are Going Blind And More Birds Are Dying.

In Virginia, an animal control professional named Jennifer Toussaint will never forget the first time that she encountered baby blue jays that had been afflicted by this mysterious illness

Jennifer Toussaint, chief of animal control in Arlington, Virginia, can’t forget the four baby blue jays. In late May, worried residents had delivered the fledglings to her clinic just outside of Washington, D.C., within just a few hours. Each was plump, indicating “their parents had done a great job caring for them,” Toussaint says. But the birds were lethargic, unable to keep their balance, and blinded by crusty, oozing patches that had grown over their eyes.

Toussaint and her staff soon reached a gloomy diagnosis: the jays were the latest victims of a mysterious deadly disease that had emerged in their area just a few weeks earlier and had already killed countless wild birds. There was no known treatment, so they euthanized the jays. “It was difficult to feel so helpless,” Toussaint recalls.

Experts Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before, And They Are In A Race To Try To Find Some Answers.

Whatever is causing this, it appears to be affecting a wide range of species

Several species of birds have been affected by the mystery illness, according to the University of Pennsylvania: blue jay, European starling, common grackle, American robin, northern cardinal, house finch, house sparrow, Eastern bluebird, red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina chickadee, and Carolina wren.

And at this point, the “mystery disease” appears to have spread very widely.

For example, in the state of Virginia there have been confirmed reports “in the counties and cities of Alexandria, Arlington, Clarke, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fauquier, Frederick, Loudoun, Manassas, Prince William, Shenandoah, Warren, and Winchester.

In Indiana, cases have now been identified in 53 different counties.

So If This Is Something That Is Spreading From Bird To Bird, It Is Spreading Very Easily And It Is Spreading Very Rapidly.

But at this point we don’t know for sure that it is some sort of a disease, because so far all of the tests that have been done haven’t come up with much of anything….

Natural resource management agencies in all of the affected states and D.C. are working with the National Park Service to investigate this event.

So far, several infectious agents have not been detected in any of the birds that have been tested, including Salmonella and Chlamydia, avian influenza, West Nile virus and other flaviviruses, Newcastle disease virus and other paramyxoviruses, herpesviruses and poxviruses, and Trichomonas parasites.

Something Other Than A Disease Could Potentially Be Causing This Plague.

We just don’t know.

At One Point It Was Being Theorized That Eating Cicadas Was Causing These Birds To Become Ill, But Scientists Appear To Have Ruled This Theory Out

But the cicadas appear to be blameless. Birds tend to avoid eating fungus-ridden cicadas, and sick birds have been observed in areas where cicadas were rare. “It does not look like it’s a match,” says Brian Evans, a migratory bird ecologist with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.

So many strange things have been happening in 2021.

As I discussed yesterday, right now we are witnessing a horrifying plague of grasshoppers in the western half of the country, and at the same time we have a nightmarish plague of dead birds in the eastern half of the country.

On top of everything else, we are right in the midst of a “megadrought” which may end up becoming the worst in the entire history of our nation.

Many believe that it is just a “coincidence” that so many bad things are happening to us all at once, and perhaps they are correct.

But nobody can deny that our world has gotten a whole lot crazier over the last couple of years, and I expect quite a bit more craziness during the second half of 2021.

See more here: zerohedge.com

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By now, it’s become quite evident that the western half of the U.S. is facing one of the worst megadroughts in decades. We’ve spoken about fallow land and drying up reservoirs, but the question remains what happens next? 

Well, it’s not great, and it’s straight out of the playbook from the 1930s Great Depression when the same parts of the U.S. were transformed into a desert, triggering a grasshopper plague.

A.P. News said federal agriculture officials are set to launch one of the largest grasshopper-killing campaigns in three decades amid an outbreak. The insects belong to the suborder Caelifera family and are probably the most ancient living group of chewing herbivorous insects. These creatures survive and multiply rapidly in drought or very dry conditions and will decimate crops. 

Locust Plague in Syria - God in a Nutshell project

Joel 1:4 What the gnawing locust has left, the swarming locust has eaten;
and what the swarming locust has left, the creeping locust has eaten;
and what the creeping locust has left, the stripping locust has eaten.

Granted the context of Joel 1 is the land of Israel. The prophet does offer a glimpse into the future. There are an estimated 80-90 species of locusts in the Middle East per Wycliffe Bible Commentary. The insect is hungry at every stage of development from larvae to worm to locust. Locust plagues can devour everything in sight to the point where the land is laid bare.

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Before we dive further into the grasshopper plague, the latest data from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows much of the western half of the U.S. is in some form of drought. Some places are more severe than others – but many of these lands produce an immense amount of farm goods. 

So back to insect plague where A.P. spoke with a resident Frank Wiederrick of central Montana’s Phillips County, who said grasshoppers are springing up on his ranch. 

“They’re everywhere,” Wiederrick said. “Drought and grasshoppers go together and they are cleaning us out.” 

If extreme drought conditions continue in parts of the U.S., harvests this year could be severely impacted.

The United States Department of Agriculture has published a map of the grasshoppers spreading across arid regions of the western half of the U.S. 

Agriculture officials had seen this year’s infestation coming after a 2020 survey found dense concentrations of adult grasshoppers across about 55,000 square miles (141 ,000 square kilometers) in the West. A 2021 grasshopper “hazard map” shows densities of at least 15 insects per square yard (meter) in large areas of Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon and portions of Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska. -A.P.

“Left unaddressed, federal officials said the agricultural damage from grasshoppers could become so severe it could drive up beef and crop prices,” A.P. warned. 

Leviticus 11:22 These of them you may eat: the locust in its kinds, and the devastating locust in its kinds, and the cricket in its kinds, and the grasshopper in its kinds.

Source: HNewsWire ZeroHedge HNewsWire

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