Sanctions And Developments Against Russia, From the Historical and Geographical Description Given in the Bible, Appears to Be Russia, One of the End Times Countries

SRH: “Unless God has brought you up for this particular purpose, you will be exhausted by man’s and devil’s hostility”… The Watchman distinguishes between truth and consensus. The Watchman does not conflate God’s message with the word of those in authority at the time, or with popular opinion. This is because powerholders and the majority might fall prey to a deceptive spirit—a spirit capable of seizing the majority of experts, political leadership, and the general people. HNewsWire- If my memory serves me well, Clinton convinces Ukraine to disarm its nuclear weapons and warns them not to worry about spending too much money on an army because we’ve got their backs. Following that, Obama takes no action when Russia invades Crimea. When Russia returns for another bite of the apple, it will be during Diaper Joe’s tenure. It seems as if…


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