Watchman: The Former President Has Been Arrested Upon His Arrival at the Miami Courthouse. Trump Has Now Been Detained for the Second Time in His Life.May Have Been Planned and Executed by His Political Opponents for Political Reasons

HNewsWire: It’s official. The Banana Republic that was the USA now rewards dictators who weaponize the government against their political opponents. Trump spokeswoman Alina Habba was cut off by the mainstream media while highlighting the banana republic strategy of eliminating their political opponents that is being done by this administration. Check every media outlet and you will see a pattern. Dictatorships like those in Cuba and Venezuela are notorious for carrying out targeted prosecutions of prominent political opponents. Instances where political opponents are investigated, charged, and jailed are all too common. That “what is being done to President Trump should terrify all citizens of this country,” Habba said. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “This is not our America.” The final years of the Roman republic saw a rapid decline in public morality as well as vicious, vindictive political battles in which…


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