Watchman Finds The Trump Family Crazy: Either Trump Jr. Is Deceiving the MAGA Crowd, or He Is Pathetically Ignorant of the Parent Company of Bud Light. Does He Believe They Are Too Ignorant to Investigate the Business Themselves? He Is Just Like His Dad, Narcissist!

HNewsWire: A wicked person will always find ways to invent and do new evil and bad things according to their corrupt sinful nature actively working in them (Romans 1:30). This is the reason why the world we live in is getting more wicked day by day as it approaches its end as Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 that lawlessness and evil will increase causing the love of many to grow cold. And the multiplicity of the evil we see perpetuated by ungodly people (The Trump’s) living to fulfill to their evil desires for Money and Power, they are always inventing new ways to fulfill and satisfy their sinful fleshly desires. But this must not be a surprise to true believers walking after righteousness as this was predicted a long time ago by Jesus Christ and even in the Old Testament……...

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