Watchman: Yes, Donald Trump Was a Flawed Man but His Sins Are Minor Compared to Those of His Persecutors

HNewsWire: Tucker has delivered an epic tour de force condemning the Deep State, which over the past 6 years has been focused solely on one goal: to put away the one person who stands in its way, and in the way of countless neocons and war profiteers from attaining their trillions in deadly spoils: Donald Trump. Despite a ‘cease and desist’ order from Fox News, Tucker Carlson is back tonight with the 3rd episode of his ‘Tucker on Twitter’ show. After over 115 million views on his first and almost 60 million on his second, tonight’s discussion of the indictment of former president Trump is sure to be the most widely viewed news of the day (despite CNN/MSNBC’s euphoria at the day’s events). Reflecting on the day’s events in Miami, Carlson noted that “cable news carried every moment of it……


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