Update:1/7/21– Pres. Trump Will Remain in the White House Another Four Years

I noticed Pres. Trump did not say in his statement “transition *OF POWER*.. Martial Law is Coming, Giving the American People Another Four Years, the World Will Have Endured Five Years of the Seven Years Tribulation Event, the Remaining Two Years Will Be Like No Other Known to Mankind ,HELL ON EARTH… We can whine about the double standard all we want. The reality is one side has the support of the corrupt American Regime and the other side doesn’t. The American regime hates you and you owe it nothing Former US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has suggested that President Trump should face exile in response to some of his supporters storming the Capitol building yesterday. Trump sought to de-escalate the situation by telling protesters to go home during the chaos, but Twitter subsequently deleted his tweets and locked him…


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