Watchman: Trump’s Executive Order 13887 Authorizes a Task Force, Led by the Military to Find Ways to Speed Up and Scale Up Flu Vaccine Production,Put Not Your Trust in Princes, in Mortal Man, Who Cannot Save–Psalm 146:3

HNewsWire Live Stream 24/7 News UpDates and World Events HNewsWire: Dr. Mike Yeadon on Telegram : I don’t remember this ever coming up, that Trump had been induced to authorise a task force, led by the military, to find ways to speed up & scale up flu vaccine production. mRNA isn’t mentioned but I doubt there’s an alternative. Not that mRNA would meet any reasonable standard. Noteworthy is the absence of biological science and medicine. But for reasons I don’t understand (sarc) why would flu represent an existential threat to the US National Security? Best wishes Mike Ps: The opening remarks are replete with fake evidence “Presidents are selected, not elected.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt Update: Trump’s Operation Warp Speed: The mRNA Vaccines Have Been in Development by the US Department of Defense (DARPA) Since 2011, “Kill Shot,” the Government Has…


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