Watchman Warning: Bank Stocks Have Resumed Their Plunge Led By Small US Banks Such As First Republic, Which Is Down 60% This Morning As The Market Realizes The Bank Run Is Only Starting

The History of the Regulators Had Fallen Asleep Once More! Anyone Recall SBF and FTX? Perhaps It’s Time to Start “Controlling” These Inept Bastards With “Golf Clubs” and “Golf Balls.” When The FED Is Buying The Stock Market You Will Never See The Reality. Just Keep Paying 10 Dollars For Eggs, 7 Dollars For Milk, 5 To 7 For Your Gas And Shut Up. Poll of the Day HNewsWire: The bottom line is that Joe Biden’s 9 a.m. pep talk accomplished little to boost trust in tiny US banks. Alternatively, as we previously stated, “it would be the Savings and Loan 2.0 Crisis, but we regret to inform you that there are no savings.” Meanwhile, congratulations to JPMorgan, well, JPMorgan Chase, which is going to have $18 trillion in deposits. CBDCs can’t be far behind big banks in going bankrupt—and……...

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