Watchman Has Uncovered Some Facts: Menachery et al. Reveal in a 2015 Research That the COVID Virus Was Created in the United States

Was it a leak or release? I say release. Intentional or accidental? Well, that is the key issue and I say either, yet still saying accidental but also I would say that if it is shown deliberate, then we would be saying someone deliberately released this from a lab. HNewsWire: See this paper: “SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence” by Menachery et al. and published March 2016; this paper with the 2015 publication tells us that these malfeasance created this; why? Dr. Paul Alexander Why? Like for the mRNA technology gene injection, why develop this, these chimera deadly coronaviruses? Was this developed in a lab? Yes. US lab, likely. This one paper, and their 2015 ‘NATURE’ paper, shows clearly that COVID virus was developed in collaboration between U.S. and Chinese researchers (main funding by US) and this collaboration played a……...

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