Watchman Warns Again: Satan Soldiers Starting Up the Engine Again. BA.2.86, a New “Deadly” Fake COVID Strain, Is Emerging in the Untrustworthy Godless UK and Has Recently Been Found (Gasp, Shiver) In Dem Control Michigan. The Media Corporation Has Caught On, and the Spin Has Begun–PSYOP-19

SRH: These are the darkest, most difficult days in human history. We are facing the end of freedom and the end of the awesome wonder of the independent, human spirit. I genuinely believe that rabid enemies such as Soros, Blair, HRH Charles (the HRH stands for His Royal Hypocrite), the Rothschilds, Schwab, Gates, Musk, Biden, the Bilderbergers et al are the most evil conspirators to have ever walked this earth. The Evil Hornswogglers should be hung, drawn and quartered. When, in the name of God, justice, humanity, wisdom and hope are the moronic mask wearers, the lock-down-lovers and the witless, covid jabbed collaborators going to wake up to reality? I believe that through the auspices of the World Economic Forum and Common Purpose, they have recruited an army of rancid servants to protect them and to take control of every……


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