Watchman Warning, Its Coming: I Will Smash Them One Against the Other, Fathers and Sons Alike, Declares the Lord. I Will Allow No Pity, Mercy, or Compassion to Keep Me From Destroying Them. (Jeremiah 13:14) A Friend Deceives a Friend, and No One Speaks the Truth. You Live in the Midst of Deception; In Their Deceit They Refuse to Acknowledge Me,” Declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 9:4-6)

God Waited 1000 Years Before He Destroyed Jerusalem the First Time – And He Sent Jeremiah to Them for One Last Chance HNewsWire: The city of Jerusalem became the capital of the Israeli nation under King David, and it was his son, King Solomon, who built the temple, almost 1000 years before the prophet Jeremiah came on the scene. The southern kingdom of Judah had survived many wars by this time, including miraculously escaping the invading forces of Assyria when the northern 10 tribes were destroyed and carried away into captivity around 722 B.C. But the time had come where God’s patience had apparently been worn out, and he chose Jeremiah, even before he was born, to be his spokesperson regarding the disaster that was about to come upon the people. And not just the people in Israel, but the…


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