Texas Private School to Allow Teachers to Conceal Carry, Don’t Mess With Our Children, You Will Regret It! The Texas People Have Spoken, Our Children are Sacred

HNewsWire: Students around the United States are returning to school for the fall term. Since the May massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, many school districts have attempted to increase security. Since Uvalde, there has been a greater emphasis on protecting the more than 50 million US public school pupils. Many parents are haunted by the tragedy as they send their children off to school. Some Democratic politicians and policymakers opposed school “hardening.” Meanwhile, Republicans have said that arming teachers and administrators and adding school resource officers are deterrence measures that would allow for a quick response to neutralize active shooter situations, unlike what happened in Uvalde, where video footage shows that it took local police officers 77 minutes to breach the classroom where the shooter was hiding. According to the Victoria Advocate, a daily newspaper published in Victoria,…


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