Watchman: This Is How Fatally Safe and Efficient It Is. Kill Shot Vaccine Pharmaceuticals Mercilessly Unleashed Their Lethal, Poisonous mRNA Vaccine Upon the Unsuspecting Global Community, Leaving Little Chance for Survival

What a Despicable, Ruthless Bunch of Evil Scoundrels! Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Pressured South Africa Into Implementing Provisions That Shielded the Companies From Claims Over COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries, Newly Disclosed Documents Show Pfizer, J&J Pressured South Africa Into Shielding Companies From COVID Vaccine Injury Claims – Documents Additional Documents are Expected to be Released Under the Court Order Later This Month HNewsWire: By Zachary Stieber September 7, 2023 Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson pressured South Africa into implementing provisions that shielded the companies from claims over COVID-19 vaccine injuries, newly disclosed documents show. Pfizer made the implementation of indemnification and a compensation fund part of its COVID-19 vaccine contract with South Africa, according to documents obtained by the Health Justice Initiative. One document states that South Africa was agreeing to “indemnify, defend, and hold harmless” Pfizer and its partner…


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