Watchman: It Is Not Ironic That There Is a Center for Ideological Indoctrination in Washington, DC., a Foreign Country From Which the Unconstitutional Federal Government Continues to Fight a Broad-Based Soft War Against We the People

HNewsWire: Satan Soldiers, AKA Democrats, Block A Senate Bill To Ban Mask Mandates Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio’s plan to make the federal mask mandate illegal everywhere was opposed on Thursday by a Democratic senator. Vance on Wednesday proposed the Freedom to Breathe Act, which would prevent any federal mask mandate from being placed on an airplane, public transit system, or educational facility anywhere in the United States until the end of 2024. After Vance sought to pass the law by unanimous consent, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey stepped in and asserted that local governments ought to have the authority to enforce mask regulations when necessary. America is about to experience a civil war! BREAKING: Joe Biden Will be Officially Wearing a Mask Again — Alex Jones (& 2SG) was Right: They Are Bringing Back Masks 2nd Smartest Guy in…


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