With the detailed information presented in this dossier by these very qualified Independent Scientists you have to decide NOW if Impeaching Biden ‘FIRST’ is more urgent than to get the ‘Democrat Party and Republican Elites’ to immediately STOP using their alleged Bio-Weapons on American Citizens.

Dinesh Kaushiva Septmeber 17 , 2023 According to the Independent Scientists SPIKE PROTEIN COVID-19 PLAN-demic was a well  CONCEIVED, PLANNED AND EXECUTED WORLD WIDE GENOCIDE  EVENT and required the Democrat Party Controlled Federal agencies to change and create new sets of Medical Research, Treatments, Protocols, Terms and Definitions for them to able to implement their One World Order , Control and Depopulation Agenda through the U.S. Department of Defense Bio-Weapons instead of the usually being managed under the Civilian Control. This unusual change was confirmed by the Ex-CDC Director Redfield during his Congressional Hearings earlier this year. That is why it is very Critical that immediately all of their NEW MEDICAL RULES OF 2019 of The Democrat Party Controlled Agencies need  to be junked and the all the old one restored otherwise they will continue to use their EXPERIMENTAL UNTESTED…


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