White Supremacist Are Not Christians, Stop Insulting Bible Believing Christians

With This fruit of a Reprobate “Satanic” Ideology”  if you’re a white supremacist or any form of hate groups then you are an idiot. If btw, you’re an anti-Semitic Christian then you are your own brand of idiot because you hate on Jews and then go home and pray to the “King of the Jews”… What happened in Charlottesville, according to some Christians, is the fruit of a “Satanic” ideology that preaches racial segregation and white dominance. Solid Bible-believing God-fearing Christians know that Satan is the driving force behind white supremacists groups ― and not Christ, as some hate groups assert. I have noticed that the governor of Virginia and MSM slings around the word white supremacists Christians a lot, they are mixing apples and oranges and obviously confused. It boils down to evil in people’s hearts, “Satan is behind it all. He wants division,…


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