Watchman: The Mask Is Off, Satan Has Manifest Himself Through The LGBTQE Movement, The Fight Is About To Get Ugly

The Los Angeles Dodgers will honor and celebrate an anti-Christian hate group that once mocked Christ crucified on a cross. Watch the video below after the ad and be warned that it is extremely graphic. Earlier this month, the Dodgers announced that they’d “honor” the local chapter of the hard-left, anti-Catholic hate group known as The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with their annual Community Hero Award. These vile “Sisters” purport to be nuns and take on names such as Sister T'aint A Virgin, Sister Porn Again, and Sister Holly Lewya. The award was to be presented sometime in June, the calendar month that has been hijacked by the Rainbow Mafia as “Pride Month.” Sanity, though, seemed to prevail, as the outrage grew and the Dodgers rescinded their invitation via Twitter: “We are now aware that our inclusion of one group...

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