The Strength of a Man’s Faith in God Is Considered an Indicator of His Well-Being in Biblical Societies. Buying “Health” From a Doctor Was an Extremely Rare Occurrence in the Bible, and When It Was, It Usually Ended Badly. Examples Include Mark 5:25–26 and 2 Chronicles 16:12–13.

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The truth is that we are created by God in His image and that His intention for our lives is to live in health.

What a wonderful truth it is to know that God created me for a specific purpose and cares about each and every day of my life! Psalm 139 by King David is one of the most eloquent expressions of this truth.

So, what exactly is "health?" It is a common English word, but its precise meaning can be obscure. If you ask ten random people on the street what "health" means, you will likely receive ten different responses. Frequently, we can define a word by describing its antonym. The opposite of "health" is "sickness." This term is probably simpler to define, and the vast majority of individuals would associate it with diseases and physical ailments.

However, is health merely the absence of physical illness? The Bible, the best-selling book of all time, portrays health and illness as primarily spiritual issues, as opposed to physical health, as our contemporary culture does.

In the culture of the Bible, a man's health is determined by his relationship with the Creator. In biblical times, people rarely visited physicians to purchase "health," and when they did, the results were frequently disastrous. (See 2 Chronicles 16:12-13 and Mark 5:25-26 as examples.)

People who have a relationship with God and believe in Him as their Creator consult ministers of faith for health advice.

In the Old Testament, if you were sick, you went to the clergy, but in the New Testament, we find story after story of people seeking out Jesus and His disciples and being healed: "Jesus...healed them all." The 15th verse of Matthew's gospel.

Have the times actually evolved? Science, technology, and the modern medical system: have they replaced our need to know and seek God for health? Today, few individuals believe that our current medical system meets all of our health care requirements. When all else fails, many people may turn to God, especially when the medical system has no answers and we have nowhere else to turn.

Pray For Health:

I ask for your healing over every part of my life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I ask that you’d make me strong and resilient for the days ahead. I know that you have great purpose for those who believe in your name. I lean fully on you Lord, for You alone are able. I love you; I need you this day, and always. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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