The United States Will Inevitably Try to Implement Martial Law if the War Escalates


The Event of Tribulation Is Like "Hell on Earth" Big Tech Is Still Playing God When the Truth Is Arriving in America... Deeply state-controlled America is now ruled solely by force. All other things have crumbled. No system of justice, no free speech, no fair trial, no realistic expectation of human rights anywhere, no honest news, no honest Wall Street activities, no clean food, no meaningful public education, and threats from the elitest all exist.

Conservatives will do everything in their power to avert the possible collapse of Israel because they believe it will lead to the collapse of the West. Beyond Israel, there's the worry that open-border policies under Joe Biden are normalizing an influx of violent Muslims within the US. And this is the location of the trap...

Remember that Biden and his globalist allies have employed every strategy at their disposal to ensure that martial law would inevitably be imposed. Violent crime and looting have increased as a result of stagflation and economic instability. Large-scale illegal immigration is undermining state social programs and have a diluting effect on culture. Many potential foreign enemies have been able to enter the US thanks to Satan soldiers open borders.

In the US, riots and terror attacks have become commonplace, often started by leftists who have joined the cause as well as Muslim extremist infiltrators.

When martial law is finally declared, most of the soldiers stationed on American land to "protect us" from terrorists and rioters will be foreign nationals. Since they have no cultural ties to America or Americans, illegal migrants are offered an easy shot at citizenship provided they enlist in the military and put the boot down on dissenters, which they will gladly do. The constitution will effectively end at this point.

Conservatives adopt a "America First" stance, seeing right through this trick and refusing to support the war anyway. When America is under attack, why fight abroad?

America either experiences civil war, balkanization, or both as a result of conservative rebellion. Patriots are called terrorists and are accused of aiding the US government's enemies. Anything might happen from now on.

"The US has turned into China on steroids." Shut up and put down your phone. Our social media sites (replicates) are still hiding the truth from Americans by "shadow banning" posts. Other News Sources They are responsible for the people's blood.

The truth is that all of the things that so-called "conspiracy theorists" said were true. A lot of the time...

The New Testament also paints this sad picture. In Matthew 24:21, Jesus said that it will be a time of trouble "such as has not happened since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall." As a matter of fact, Jesus said it would be so bad that all life would end at the end of seven years if it wasn't stopped (10:22). In Revelation 6:15–16, the Apostle John says that there will be so much chaos that the world's leaders will hide in caves and beg for rocks to fall on them.

A lot of lawmakers, police officers, and judges will hide as time goes on. They will not side with either side because they are afraid for their lives. You are by yourself; expect the worst and pray for the best. There will be a lot of trouble.

I want everyone to know this: Never believe what someone says about the Gospel, especially about Revelations. How It Works. The Bible is where God speaks to you through His Holy Spirit. He will lead you where He wants you to go. Don't bother looking for someone in this world who knows everything; they're not there and will only make things more confusing for you. That means everything I say. Always check out every spirit. Any man's words must be checked by the Holy Spirit before they are spoken.

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