The Watchman Has Expressed Concerns About the New CDC Director, Dr. Mandy Cohen, Suggesting That She Can Be Having Some Personal Challenges and a Tendency to Be Deceitful. The Watchman Believes That Her Decision-Making May Be Influenced by Demonic Forces


Watchman Says Dr. Mandy Cohen, the New Director of the CDC, Is a Master Liar, Has Demonic Problems, and Indicates Satan Directs Her Thoughts

In her first appearance before Congress on Nov. 30, the newly appointed director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defended COVID-era measures like vaccine requirements.

The new director, Dr. Mandy Cohen, told Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), "I'm very proud of the work we did in North Carolina," in response to his question about whether she regretted any of the policies implemented while serving as the state's health secretary, including closing schools.

"I feel like we did that in a way that was very inclusive," she said.

Does the fact that the swamp monster nominated someone from the swamp truly surprise us? She is a member, of course, and she won't betray them. It seems this conceited, ignorant woman has not learnt the lesson about the futility of masks, lockdowns, and COVID regulations. Like her predecessor, this one is a killer and sociopath as well. More dictates, no responsibility, no acknowledgment that they had no idea what they were doing!

SRH: It's approaching, right before the polls. A viewer writes: "The monster that wouldn't let me see my mother when she was dying in 2021 was Mandy Cohen." I pleaded and begged, offering to help however I could. She has no humanity, so be careful with her. It seems like America can't get rid of the awful political appointees!

The extreme animosity that the American people have toward the CDC is still unknown to them. Is this woman attempting to justify what they did? I don't think the American people could ever forgive all the suffering, deaths, and agony the CDC caused, even if she confessed her sins to God.

She continued, "I think we handled that in a very inclusive way." I only need to hear that. You boot-licking sycophant, pound sand.


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