Watchman: Bill Gates, a Billionaire and Renegade Globalist, Is Urging Governments To Impose His “Global Digital ID” System Over the Interests of Their Citizens


The billionaire globalist Bill Gates wants countries to mandate his “global digital ID” scheme above the best interests of their citizens. The UNDP launched “50-in-5” last October to “help” 50 countries “design, launch, and scale components of their digital public infrastructure.”The Gates Foundation is a partner in this endeavor to introduce “safe, inclusive, and interoperable DPI” in those nations.

India was called a DPI “success story” when the campaign was announced. Africa was targeted for “greater development of DPI.”Gates celebrated after India launched his massive digital ID system that keeps away non-users.

In India, citizens must digitize their identities to use online services, receive healthcare, access their bank accounts, or buy food. Due to significant restrictions on non-compliant users, the technology has spread quickly, which Gates calls a “great success.” Gates argues that his digital ID is “changing the world” and wants governments worldwide to mandate it to globalize the system.

Gates and unelected EU and UN officials call such systems digital public infrastructure (DPI), a euphemism for enforcing digital ID and payments worldwide by 2030. Gates announced his visit to India on his blog, claiming his digital ID system has saved millions of lives.

Gates visited India to check on vaccinations, another issue he cares about. Gates, who calls vaccines his “passion,” has tried experimental vaccines on Indians in recent years. Gates voiced “admiration” for the country's determination to implement Aadhaar, a major biometric identity DPI component.

The fact that Indians have been obliged to utilize Aadhaar for over 12 billion transactions made him proud. Microsoft co-founder has another “passion”: agriculture. He noted that he would visit an agriculture-Aadhaar monitoring facility. Gates said the government provides “real-time guidance” to 7.5 million farmers in Odisha through the center.

Bill Gates, a millionaire and renegade globalist, wants countries to implement his "global digital ID" system over individuals' interests.


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