Watchman: Fauci Will Not Be Touched. Satan Protects His Tools. Until He’s Finished With Them….I Guess When You’re Guilty for the Deaths of Millions It’s Best You Get Rid of the Evidence

HNewsWire: He destroyed lives!...

In a recently discovered email, a senior subordinate to Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that he deliberately destroyed records that he knew the public and congressional investigators would look for.

The deputy, Dr. David Morens, wrote in the June 17, 2021, letter, "I have retained very few emails or documents on these matters, and continue to request that correspondence on sensitive issues be sent to me at my gmail [sic] address."
After receiving the email, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wrote a letter to Health Secretary Xavier Becerra containing the information.

I guess when you’re guilty for the deaths of millions it’s best you get rid of the evidence…he needs to be arrested.

They can find pretty much anyone they want to find and do anything they want, in my opinion, so if they aren't doing that, they probably don't want to find that person. You can't tell me that at the time this was all happening, the government—that is, Biden and his crooked allies—was unaware of it.

They were aware of the origins of COVID, its mode of transmission, and the fact that there were no truly effective vaccines available. The government has been deceiving the American people into believing they are doing everything within their power to assist. The more dread of contracting COVID-19 that Fauci could instill in individuals, the more money he made.

He began working in this capacity in the early 1980s. Don't tell me he doesn't understand how to navigate the government and obtain exactly what he wants. Remember also that this 80-something-year-old man was the one who asserted that it was essentially a waste of money to attempt to save seniors once they reached a certain stage in their lives. Very well put by a man who has lived much beyond his supposed years of life. Do you concur? erasing documents? That's simply another attempt at hiding vital information that we all ought to know but will never get since they won't provide it to us.

So many of us have known for a fact that the clown is a phony. Why use all the ink and paper to keep this awful person front and center? He will not experience any harm. So shut up about him and shove the clown away. Allow him to decay and fade away.




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