Watchman Holds a Strong Belief That Caution Should Be Exercised When Dealing With Doctors, as Their Intentions May Not Always Be Trustworthy. COVID Misrepresentation


What has transpired since the spread of COVID at the hands of doctors—who are more appropriately referred to as "sorcerers and magicians"—has been precisely the same: "all the nations were led astray" and many people have been "killed on the earth" due to these medications.

And here's another verse in Revelation that uses this same phrase; it seems to have foretold the COVID hoax that killed so many people:

Even after these disasters passed, the humans who survived continued to worship inanimate objects made of metal, stone, wood, and other non-living substances rather than repenting for their sins.

Furthermore, they showed no remorse for their robberies, sexual immorality, murders, or magical abilities. Revelation 9:20–21

Warning: Americans Have a Prone Record of Disregarding the Law in the Interest of a Supreme Law or God-Granted Rights; Our Rights Are Not Granted by the State, But by God! Yours truly, SRH.


A new study has revealed that a significant number of patients in U.S. hospitals are being sent to the intensive care unit due to diagnostic errors.

A team from UC San Francisco and the University of Colorado School of Medicine conducted a cohort study, which revealed that approximately 23% of patients experienced errors or delays in their diagnoses. Out of these cases, 17 percent led to temporary or permanent harm to the patient.

The study's findings have been published in the January edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In order to assess diagnostic errors, the research team examined 2,428 patient records from 29 hospitals throughout the United States in 2019. Just over half of the patient records consisted of males (54 percent), with an average patient age of 63.9 years. Approximately two-thirds of the patients were of Caucasian descent.

Two physicians trained in error adjudication carefully reviewed the patient cases. The physicians carefully reviewed the medical records to determine if there were any mistakes in the diagnosis or any underlying issues or problems with the process. Then, in order to determine whether the error might have caused any harm, all records flagged for potential issues underwent a thorough examination.

The physicians needed to reach a consensus on their evaluation of the mistake and the resulting damage before completing their review. A third doctor arbitrated any disputes.
Watchman holds a strong opinion about doctors and advises caution when seeking their services. COVID Misrepresentation

The increasing control that some corporations have over our hospitals is alarming because it demonstrates how they put profits before the welfare of our country. In light of this, one might question the true intentions behind a study like this. It is evident from the promotion of counterfeit VAX and the deliberate disregard for evidence, scientific research, and data that demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the counterfeit VAX in preventing both contracting and spreading COVID.

In addition, there are 200,000 deaths each year caused by hospital-acquired infections, along with another 200,000 deaths resulting from medical errors during a patient's hospital stay. At this point, I have lost all faith in our medical system, and I am curious to see if there is any correlation between the demographics of the doctors and nurses involved in these deaths and the demographics of the patients who have passed away.

First, let's consider the possibility of intentional error or foul play before jumping to conclusions about any potential flaws in the medical protocols or training. It is concerning to hear reports of nurses engaging in unprofessional behavior and making disturbing statements that may shed light on the high number of deaths occurring in medical facilities.

We're witnessing a growing trend of division, with an attitude of polarization between different groups. Doctors often perceive a sense of opposition with patients rather than viewing themselves as allies.

Miscommunication between doctors and patients often leads to errors: doctors may not fully listen to or understand their patients' descriptions of symptoms or may not prioritize their concerns.

Furthermore, this leads to the unfortunate situation where reputable doctors feel compelled to defend their less scrupulous colleagues, resulting in increased expenses for themselves and negative consequences for patients. There are three potential solutions: implementing legislation that holds negligent doctors accountable for their errors rather than burdening responsible doctors with shared insurance costs.

And we need more patient advocates who prioritize the well-being of patients rather than being influenced by external factors.

I would also appreciate it if health insurers were required to offer self-funded life insurance to their policyholders. This way, any attempts to manipulate policyholders into making poor healthcare choices (such as getting vaccinated, undergoing unnecessary tests, or relying on maintenance prescriptions) would have an immediate impact on the insurers' profits.

Leaked Documents Reveal American Doctors Were Bribed And Financially Rewarded For Pushing The Covid Vaccine On Patients HNewsWire: “As a participating practice in the COVID-19 Provider Vaccine Incentive program, we recognize your hard work by offering incentives for helping patients make the choice to become vaccinated,” the document reads. American doctors and medical officials from the top-down were financially incentivized and bribed to get their patients to receive the Covid vaccines, according to newly leaked documents. Earlier this year it was already revealed that Moderna, the manufacturers of one of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, gifted $400 million to the National Institute of Health (NIH) for “a nonexclusive patent license agreement” allowing the company to use disputed technologies in its production of the COVID-19 vaccine; which was listed in the corporation’s earnings report, describing it as “catch-up payment” settled with the…

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Truth vs. Deception

According to the book of Revelation, "plagues" will wipe off a large portion of humanity in the end times, but even the survivors will refuse to repent of their wicked ways, which include practicing pharmakeia, or magic.
Is this happening today?

Even the "doctors" who spoke out against the COVID pharmakeia are now vying for the retention of their "medical licenses" in order to cash in on the Satanic Beast system and create "safer" magical remedies.

To "repent" is to change one's mind about something one once believed to be true but now knows to be false. They are not doing that. For the truth, turn to the Bible.


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