Watchman: The Feeble-Minded, Delusional Hypochondriacs—I Mean, So-Called “Public Health Experts”—Are Futilely Attempting to Maintain Their Sanity, as Their Hair Slowly Falls Out in Despair. Ah, First COVID, and Now This. Politico Quoted Those Pathetic Lock-down-Worshipping Maskaholics. Dr. Lawrence Gostin, the So-Called “Expert” in Public Health and Law. What a Pathetic Excuse for a Human Being


Massive government overreach and a particularly heinous type of mass delusion that its psy-experts purposefully disseminated under the pretext of so-called "public health programming" No, according to Politico, when the judge in Missouri v. Biden shut down the federal government's censoring machine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and dark GOP forces erupted.

But Politico's terrible news, portrayed in the most somber and gloomy tone that a dumb magazine can conjure, is our good news. What Politico regards as 'horrifying' trends, we regard as accomplishments. In the words of Politico (modified slightly for clarity):

For decades, being publicly skeptical of vaccines made one a pariah in all but the smallest political groups. Put yourself on the outside, looking in, to cast suspicion on them. However, public health experts feel that those days are numbered.
As another COVID immunization campaign begins, fewer Americans have received their vaccinations than ever before. According to the CDC, only 20% of individuals took the booster shot last year, a substantial decline from the 79% who had their initial round of immunizations in 2021. Vaccination rates for children are much lower than before the pandemic. For the second year in a row, kindergarten immunization rates have declined.
Historically, both libertarians and the far-left have supported the anti-vaccine movement. However, recent surveys show that Republicans are more than twice as likely as they were in 2019 to believe the injections should be voluntary. Democrats... are overwhelmingly in support of requiring children vaccines.

The public health professionals, er, paranoid hypochondriacs, are pulling out their hair. There was COVID first, and now this. According to Politico, Dr. Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University public health expert who advises the White House, "diseases that we once thought had ended will roar back, and kids will get sick and die from 100 percent preventable conditions."

You'll be sorry if you don't listen to us.

Peter Hotez, a permanently unkempt bowtie enthusiast and pharma shill "doctor" at Baylor's College of Medicine, sighed that doubting vaccinations has "now become a politically motivated movement." In his numerous publications on the so-called anti-vaccine movement, Hotez said that vaccine skepticism has become part of conservative political philosophy. Despite the fact that Hotez claims to have tried to convert conservatives, no one will listen to him: "I can't get any engagement out of anybody."

Dr. Umair Shah, the secretary of health in Washington, was even more frank and foreboding. She sees vaccine apprehension as a foreshadowing of the End of Days. "This is just the beginning of a really rough and tough time," Shah told Politico. "People will become ill, and we will lose people."

The piece's main message was that the White House needed to act. Politico, on the other hand, brushed over two fundamental flaws in its argument: first, why is it the White House's responsibility to promote pharmaceutical products? Second, Politico's articles never addressed the two types of lived experiences that are fueling people's "skepticism": COVID shot side effects and jab mandates. If not that, Politico should explain how conservatives become vaccine skeptics since it was a phenomenally popular Republican president who initiated the vaccinations in the first place.

Kind of more good news. Politico admitted that some public health professionals are aware that many people now dislike them. Oregon's state health officer, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, told Politico, "I may be a trusted messenger for, hopefully, a large segment of the population, but I am not a trusted messenger for everyone."

Without a doubt,

Here's some helpful info. Because no one listens to public health "officials" any longer, whoever pays these so-called experts (we can only speculate) has shifted tactics and is now surreptitiously targeting pastors and social media influencers:

Instead of taking the initiative, public health officials have turned to community leaders who have helped them spread the word about the COVID-19 vaccine. As ambassadors, this entails seeking the assistance of renowned conservative leaders and clerics. They want to expand peer-based education by, for example, teaching parents and teachers how to spread public health information.

Rebuilding trust via sneaky, manipulative ways appears to be an oxymoron, but what do I know? I'm merely a lawyer.

Yesterday's and today's stories were so similar that Politico appeared to have carried the same story twice. They'll do it three more times. Is it wrong for me to speculate on who is paying Politico to publish all of these anti-vaccine pieces and give all of these well-known pharmaceutical corporations greater exposure?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with this Saturday Politico item:

The public health professionals, er, paranoid hypochondriacs, are pulling out their hair. There was COVID first, and now this. Maskaholics who worshiped the lockdown were mentioned by Politico. Larry Gostin, M.D.


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