Watchman: It Is Obvious That God Has Abandoned the World to Its Reprobate Mind. This Is What Occurs When We Reject the Bible’s Lessons. Right Turns Into Wrong. Erroneous Becomes Correct. And the Whole Truth Is Thrown Out the Window


A Canadian woman says she’s in love with an oak tree. Sonja Semyonova is a self-described eco-sexual who has a fondness for hardwood – a tree hugger.

The New York Post reported that her journey with the LGBTree community began with a simple walk in the park.

“I began to notice about at the halfway point in my walk I would pass a grove of oak trees and one particular tree in that grove called to me. So I began to stop daily at this particular oak tree and I began to lean against it and began to hold it and feel held by it and I noticed that I was experiencing erotic attraction,” she said.

Although, it could’ve been poison ivy.

Ms. Semyonova told the Post that she felt a growing connection to the oak tree during the winter months.

“I would lie against it,” she said. “There was an eroticism with something so big and so old holding my back.”

I wonder how she deals with splinters?

I found it interesting that among the most critical are members of the LGBTree community — who say it’s ludicrous for a human to be attracted sexually to an oak tree. But these are the same people who told us “love is love” and “who are we to tell someone who they can love?”

A slippery moral slope indeed.

Marc Morano, the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” noted in 2021 that humans having relationships with pansies and Pussy willows is not as unusual as one might think.

“In my archive at Climate Depot, I go back at last five years on the exact phrase of ‘ecosexuality’ and there are people saying humans should establish erotic relationships with plants,” Morano said. “So, this is deeply embedded and it’s part of a deep-green ecology where they sort of look at the earth as some kind of a spirit-sexual relationship.”

There’s no way around it — God has clearly given the world over to its reprobate mind. This is what happens when we abandon the teachings of the Bible. Right becomes wrong. Wrong becomes right. And absolute truth is tossed out the door.

It’s not all that surprising to hear of unusual behavior in the backyard, though. The great Southern humorist Lewis Grizzard once penned a book titled, “Don’t Bend Over in the Garden, Granny. You Know Them Taters Got Eyes.”

Source: Todd Starnes


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