Watchman: Quit Conducting Transactions With Those People Who Despise You and Your Traditional Beliefs


Many Americans are now acutely aware of the consequences of their purchasing habits on issues related to their values, and the majority of them are unhappy with what they observe. I don't know if the term "peak awakeness" is new to anyone else, but it certainly seems to be ruling our culture and every aspect of our lives these days. AKA Anti-Christ movement.
Our deeply held conventional beliefs and private ideas are sure to be the subject of a similar request.

At last! Such people do not adhere to Marxist ideology. Regarding the class-victim fight, their rhetoric is Marxist. yet fascism permeates the entire movement! You can see the Nazi weed poking through our society's collective pavement at every turn.

Get up! When these kinds of motions gain control, they wipe out everything in their path. That is why the schools were their initial targets. We now live in a world where no one remembers what happened in Germany ninety years ago.

Americans who have recently "woken up" are ostentatious, outspoken, and reminiscent of Stalin. It's like shoving communism into everyone's face.

Even worse, it seems like these incredibly bigoted and naive people are present in all the places you frequent, from your local coffee shop and bank to your 401(k) investments and even the programs you pay to watch on your smart TV. They're in the executive suites of American corporations, they control our educational institutions that promote transgenderism and turn their students into enslaved servants, and they're responsible for stifling employee creativity and critical thinking in HR departments.

A significant component of the awakened movement's triumph is its Orwellian linguistic manipulation, whereby frequently known phrases are reversed to signify the inverse. Words like "tolerance" can actually signify an intolerance of opposing viewpoints, and "inclusion," as in the popular woke phrase "diversity, equity, and inclusion" (DEI), can mean an exclusion of more conventional thought.

DEI permeates our K-12 classrooms despite being a woke word that is deceptive and un-American. With the exception of heterosexual, white Christian people, over-represented Asian people, and the concepts that form the basis of America and Western Civilization, the diversity component is applicable to any application and interpretation regardless of color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. As far as the politically and culturally conservative Americans are concerned, no one in the awake DEI movement wants to "include" them in anything other than re-education camps.

To put it more precisely, every Trump voter would most certainly be a resident of that re-education camp. Included in this category are Christians who believe in the Bible, Jews who support Israel, the majority of veterans, homeschooling families, truck and SUV drivers, people who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine, those who hold the belief that there are only two sexes, those who think climate change alarmism is a hoax, those who think Trump won the 2020 election (those who deny this, but not 2016), and those who believe in the right to bear arms and self-defense.

Every single white conservative man on that list would have been sent to the re-education camps.

"Stakeholder capitalism" and ESG investing are two other examples of woke terminology. "Investing," in the eyes of ESG standards, is all about giving more capital to socialist-leaning businesses, regardless of how wasteful or successful they may be. Investors in the United States have lost millions of dollars in growth and profitability due to that method.

Nothing about stakeholder capitalism is related to capitalism, just like environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Fascism, the merging of business and government, is what the mysterious name actually refers to. Under stakeholder capitalism, the interests of "societal stakeholders" take precedence above those of shareholders, customers, and the company's bottom line. This vague word implies that both public and private organizations are required to report to the government and adhere to socialist and woke employment practices, including but not limited to: government-approved and controlled pricing, supply chain regulations, and cultural norms.

When taken as a whole, awakened ideology is intent on dismantling conventional American culture and has zero to do with the literal definitions of the words it promotes. That will only transpire if the American people consent to it.

The only way to put a halt to this evil movement is to mimic their strategy and ignore the woke mob whenever they try to exert control over you.

Studios like Disney, which focus on politically correct narratives, are losing billions of dollars due to the widespread disapproval of their subversive films. At the same time, "Top Gun: Maverick" and "The Sound of Freedom," which are films that honor traditional American ideas and traditions, have earned significant profits. New to the scene is, an online film company that uses audience donations to fund the production of comedies, fantastic stories, and more.

Also, companies like the newly freed and rechristened Twitter (X) exist as alternatives to the woke Big Tech companies who restrict free speech and push the woke agenda. Now that X has become a stronghold for free expression, other platforms like Telegram and Rumble, which compete with YouTube, have also become strongholds for free flow of content. is an excellent substitute for Amazon since it links buyers "with companies that share your values." (I must admit that I am a public square affiliate.)

Surely, we can find alternative ways to combat and reverse the so-called woke "mind virus" that is afflicting our nation. It is crucial to oppose communist and multi-gender school boards and to remove politicians that advocate for anti-American and anti-traditional policies and values.

It will take each of us, as individuals and small groups, who are resolute in our refusal to let our nation crumble without a struggle, and not the top layer, to bring about a revival of American beliefs and values.

Boycott all of their goods and services to bury wokeness. For the avaricious Marxists on the political left, money talks.

"Woke" and all the other Marxist ideologies, including critical race theory, DEI, E.S.G., and others, must be canceled. It worries me that Americans are still excessively sluggish and content to not do enough to make a difference. The adversary will merely give these systems different names, which will be sufficient to perplex the innocent, the gullible, and the vast majority of people who simply do not care—until action becomes futile.

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