Watchman: Record Number of Illegal Crossings: 371,000 in December There Has Been a Significant Increase in the Number of Illegal Border Crossings, Leading to Heightened Scrutiny of the Shadowy Obama/Biden Administration’s Approach to Managing the Planned Invasion of Illegal Immigrants Into TX


Stay very alert for a terrorist action from this dem assisted invasion. Hold EVERY dem responsible for whatever evil happens because of their collective policies.

By SRH, Last month, data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed a significant increase in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. This ongoing border situation shows no signs of resolution. In December, a remarkable 371,036 individuals were apprehended while attempting to enter the United States unlawfully, surpassing the previous record of 341,392 set in August 2023.

There has been a significant increase in encounters along the southwest land border, reaching a new record of 302,034, according to data released by CBP in January. In a stunning turn of events, the numbers have reached unprecedented levels, just as House Republicans are preparing to take action against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his management of the illegal immigration crisis.

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) is anticipated to bring forth articles of impeachment against Mr. Mayorkas in the upcoming week. "Secretary Mayorkas has once again demonstrated his incompetence. The numbers speak for themselves, and they are nothing short of catastrophic. Even with historically high encounter numbers under his watch, this is an unprecedented level of failure," Mr. Green stated. December's numbers provide further evidence supporting the call for Secretary Mayorkas' impeachment.

According to Mr. Green, the high number of encounters at our borders is not a coincidence, but rather a deliberate choice to disregard the laws established by Congress. He accuses the DHS chief of intentionally allowing our borders to be more accessible.

Mr. Green, along with other Republicans, has criticized the Biden administration for its approach to border policies, suggesting that it has led to a significant increase in illegal immigration.

The Biden administration officials have dismissed these allegations, asserting that they are making every effort to address the increase in immigration. They have attributed the situation to factors such as seasonal variations, a flawed immigration system, and even climate change.

There are concerns about the adherence to the "rule of law" in this country during the Obama/Joe Biden administration. It is expected that the president will uphold the law. There are concerns about the current administration. How much longer can he continue his actions before facing charges of insurrection? He is involved in assisting and supporting. An unfriendly foreign adversary. Why is this happening?

The United States is committed to ensuring that every state in the union has a Republican form of government and will provide protection against invasion. Additionally, when the state legislature is unable to convene, the executive and government will step in to address domestic violence upon the request of the state.

The United States Constitution, Article II, Section 3.
"It is his responsibility to ensure that the laws are executed with utmost care and diligence."

Article II, Section 3.
Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution states that the Constitution and the laws of the United States, made in accordance with it, are the highest laws of the land.

Article I, Section 10, Section 3 states that states cannot engage in war without the consent of Congress, unless they are actually invaded or facing imminent danger that cannot be delayed.

Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution defines treason as the act of waging war against the country, or providing aid and comfort to its enemies.

The president and the U.S. government have both violated the sacred agreement known as the Constitution. There are concerns about potential violations of oaths or affirmations of office by Biden, Mayorkas, and others. Abbott is abiding by the law and the Supreme Court order, which lifted the injunction on the feds removing the razor wire, supposedly for humanitarian reasons.

Biden, a highly controversial figure in the history of the USAHe has been involved in politics for nearly fifty years and has honed his abilities in ways that some may consider unethical.

There has been a significant development that will have a lasting impact on our nation. According to testimonies from former FBI agents, there are concerns about potential security threats at our border, with the possibility of an assault similar to Hamas-style tactics. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the government will take significant action to protect or defend the American people, even in such situations.

It's quite amusing that he genuinely thinks that! Obama, the only ex-president to relocate items from the White House, is widely believed to have significant influence behind the scenes.There are concerns about a potential third term and questions about citizenship status. Wow!

It is imperative that Congress takes action against the Obama/Biden.But Don't Count on it!


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