Watchman Reporting Ann Vandersteel Urges Americans to Stop Putting Graphene Oxide, mRNA and Nanotech in Their Bodies


Ann Vandersteel has urged Americans to stop putting graphene oxide, mRNA and nanotechnology – all of which are found in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines – in their bodies.

She issued this call during the July 5 episode of her program "Right Now with Ann Vandersteel" on Brighteon.TV, which also had Josh Yoder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers in the studio. The Zelenko Freedom Foundation (ZFF) co-chair expressed hope that more people have realized that COVID-19 injections are dangerous.

"[The] COVID-19 vaccines have caused dangerous and deadly alliances between graphene oxide, mRNA and nanotechnology – things you never want to put in your body," she said. "It's not natural; they are not made by God. These are man-made things that you never want to find in your body." (Related: COVID-19 vaccines have created a DEADLY ALLIANCE featuring graphene, mRNA and nanotech.)

According to Vandersteel, the "insidious presence" of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) – tiny carriers designed to transport genetic material into human cells – are at the heart of this union. She pointed out that LNP serves as the delivery vehicle that envelops the gene-changing mRNA technology. This mRNA, the ZFF co-chair added, intrudes on the God-given DNA strand and inserts itself – changing a person's natural blueprint.

Pfizer and Moderna have made use of nanotechnology via the LNPs in their mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. In particular, the Pfizer shot uses LNPs to deliver the mRNA that encodes the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the virus.

The LNPs are composed of lipids or fats that protect the mRNA strand from degradation. While the technology has been hailed as a "breakthrough in vaccine development," there are also concerns about its potential risks and unintended consequences.

LNPs can induce harmful immune responses in the body

Vandersteel said a main concern surrounding LNPs is their potential to induce harmful immune responses in the body. The lipid composition and structure of these nanoparticles can trigger inflammatory reactions and immune system activation, leading to adverse effects.

She zoomed in on two LNPs used in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines – ALC-0159 and ALC-315. According to the manufacturer's warnings, these LNPs are not to be used in humans or animals. Any person injected with these particles should undergo detox to remove them from the body.

The host also shared the horrors of graphene oxide. While the material is strong, flexible and conductive, it causes serious issues when injected into the human body. Studies have shown that graphene oxide can induce oxidative stress, damaging cells and leading to inflammation.

"Injecting graphene oxide into the bloodstream could cause a range of health problems, organ damage, blood clotting and inflammation," the ZFF co-chair said. "It also causes damage to DNA and disrupts cellular membranes which can lead to cell death."

The TV host said several independent studies conducted by doctors and scientists confirmed that graphene oxide is in fact present in COVID-19 vaccines. A separate study by Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen and his colleagues on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine also found that graphene oxide is also transmitted from the vaccinated people to the unvaccinated, destroying their red blood cells and causing strange blood clots.


Secret Documents Published by Order of Federal Court Prove Pfizer, FDA & Fact Checkers Lied When They Said Toxic Graphene Oxide Was Not Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines

Secret Documents Published by Order of Federal Court Prove Pfizer, FDA & Fact Checkers Lied When They Said Toxic Graphene Oxide Was Not Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines

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