Watchman Reporting These Are the Things That Satan Soldiers Want: New York City Sees Violent Pro-Hamas Protests. Get Ready For Chaos Around The Globe–You Can Think Google Obama/Sorso and Co. Tribulation Playing Out

HNewsWire: Violent pro-Hamas protests broke out in New York City tonight. Tens of thousands marched in the streets of Brooklyn – many chanted, “Move, cops, get out the way. We know you’re Israeli-trained.” Police are making a number of arrests.

Following, is video from the scene.

This is the last book in your Bible. It's called "The Book of Revelation."

The book of Revelation says that God holds a scroll with seven locks in his right hand. A chain of events that are meant to happen in the end times will begin when Jesus breaks the seals. The seven seals come to an end with the Second Coming of Christ.

The first four seals are known as the "four horsemen of the end of the world." Each horseman is a sign of the terrible things that are going to happen in the last days, like death, destruction, and chaos. The first four signs describe events that will happen right before the Great Tribulation, which will last for the last three and a half years of this age.

Some people think that the four horses represent things that have been going on since the prophecy was made, but will get worse before the end of time. Due to the amount of bloodshed, immorality, and chaos in the world today, some theologians think that the end times have already begun.

Are we living in the last days? Now, let's look at how the scripture says the end of the world will happen after the four horsemen arrive and Jesus breaks the four seals.

Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation

A Watchman Is Awakened


Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?




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