Watchman Says Bill Kill’em Gates Can Explain: Is This the Next Plandemic That, as Bill Gates Put It, “Will Get Their Attention”? It’s Wise to Keep Tabs on WHO and WEF Updates. Learn Your Enemies

We Know That Satan’s Soldier,Twisted Sick Evil Bill Gates, Has Been Releasing His Genetically Modified Frankenmosquitos in Florida for Years Now. We May Extrapolate That Said Frankenmosquitos May Now Be Spreading Across the United States, Infecting Texans as Well as Floridians


Everyone, hold on to your hats. Once again, the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical industry are funding a manufactured pandemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that this year could see a dramatic increase in reported cases of dengue fever.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) official, global dengue case reports have increased eightfold since 2000, reaching an estimated 4.2 million in 2022.

In January, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared dengue to be the "fastest spreading tropical disease in the world" and a potential "pandemic threat."

According to a health ministry report from March, the disease was discovered in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, for the first time. Meanwhile, instances have increased across Europe, and the government of Peru has declared a statewide emergency.

Raman Velayudhan, an expert in the WHO's section for the control of neglected tropical diseases, told journalists in Geneva on Friday that half the world's population is now at risk.

Mr. Velayudhan revealed through video link that 2019 saw a record-breaking 5.2 million cases reported to the WHO from 129 different countries.

Depending mostly on the Asian monsoon season, the world is on track for "4 million plus" cases this year. He also expressed concern that the disease might spread further south to Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru, where there have already been close to 3 million documented cases. EVEN MORE TERRORIST HYPE!!!

WHO, CDC, FDA, and NIH equal ZERO CREDIBILITY. Voting day will soon arrive. Do not pay attention to these dictatorial dishonest rulers who are spreading unfounded panic.

The World Health Organization needs to answer to the ICC in The Hague for their crimes against humanity.

Watchman: We Know That Satan’s Soldier,Twisted Sick Evil Bill Gates, Has Been Releasing His Genetically Modified Frankenmosquitos in Florida for Years Now. We May Extrapolate That Said Frankenmosquitos May Now Be Spreading Across the United States, Infecting Texans as Well as Floridians

By StevieRay Hansen | November 6, 2023

HNewsWire: Since the One World Government’s “vaccine” con is essentially up, with bivalent DEATHVAX™ uptake currently at around 1.5%, the technocommunist sociopaths have realized that the best way to continue their eugenics program is by stealth. Enter the genetically modified mosquito which has been expressly created to more effectively genetically modify humans; to wit: A box full of genetically modified mosquitos successfully vaccinated a human against malaria in a trial funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Gates’s partner in crime Dr. Mengele 2.0 aka Dr. Fauci happens to for all intents and purposes control the NIH, which “coincidentally” was illegally funding COVID-19 gain of function (GoF) research at the Wuhan virology institute. This substack is a daily battle against evil. Please consider becoming a paid subscriber: it’s 8 cents a day. According to The Counter Signal: The study involved about……...

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Satan Five Star General Bill Gates Urges World Governments To Punish and Jail Anyone Who Oppose Masks And Kill Shot Vaccines Online

By StevieRay Hansen | July 17, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Gates Is a Demonic Pathetic Lunatic Who Has KILL Million With His Kill Shot Depopulation Program… Satan Soldier Bill Gates has urged authorities worldwide to deliver punishments to online users who challenge masks and Kill Shot vaccine mandates. In a new interview with British representative Jeremy Hunt, Gates discussed “pandemic preparation” and the ongoing international Kill Shot vaccine roll-out. Gates urges world regimes to PUNISH everybody who disagrees with masks and Kill Shot Vaccines. Gates has urged regimes worldwide to issue punishments to online users who question masks and kill shot vaccine mandates. In a new 30-minute interview with British politician Jeremy Hunt, Gates discussed “pandemic preparedness” and the current global vaccine roll-out. “We need a new approach to doing vaccines, ” Gates told Hunt. Keep In Mind Gates have killed a million people to date. Despite being one…

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