Watchman Says Hitler’s Germany Is on Full Display During an FBI Raid, a 74-Year-Old Man Was Killed After Allegedly Threatening Biden.– People, Your Right to Free Expression Is Being Erased. There Are Many Sensitized Satan Soldiers (AKA Government Agents) In the World. Numerous Lives Are Being Lost in the End

FBI Director Wray Denounces Threats After Raid on Trump’s Home: ‘Deplorable and Dangerous’ SRH: Our Country Will Be in Civil War This Time Next Year. Americans Are No Longer Considered an Asset by Elected Officials in This Country. Government Institutions Have Been Policed Against the People. The FBI Has a Horrible Track Record.


The truth is that if you want to battle them, you must employ their tactics. They urge you to do the obvious, external thing. That way, you may be detected and discarded fast. Getting angry, disappointed, and venting on social media is not the way to proceed. Writing manifestos and proclaiming your philosophical position will not make a difference. It is self-defeating to have an angry identity that needs to be acknowledged. This is a spiritual conflict.

Each of us embodies the essence of what America was founded on. It's lovely, and it's written in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It cannot be quantified, measured, or explained. That is why the phrase "In God We Trust" appears. The current administration is no better than a Mafia organization. They have enforcers and collectors, exactly like the Mafia or any authoritarian banana republic in the third world. They are uninterested in Higher Principles.

They are just interested in acquiring and amassing power and fortune. God, or anything other than their own egocentric goals, is uninteresting to them. So, what should you do? You can't go up against them directly, and they'll never know who you are. Whatever method(s) are used, they must be entirely anonymous. There is no claim of responsibility, no organization, and nothing that can be traced back to any individual, movement, or group. They'll go insane because they'll never know where, when, or how the hammer will fall.

Trump's life was threatened often, and no one was killed by the FBI, like Kathy Griffin holding Trump's severed head in her hand.
Double Standards.

They sent a message to Americans plain and simple. Don't Mess With Obama/Biden Foot Soldiers. Remember our Battle is Spiritual :

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Source: ET  HNewsWire

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