Watchman Says It’s Back to the Racist Nonsense and the Forced Ruin of America Now That Obama, Now Known as Biden, Is in Office. According to HUD, Local Communities Must Take Steps to ‘Affirmatively Enhance’ Diversity by Welcoming the Sodomites, for Example


Everyone can now reside in a toilet that is full with crime.

We may have forgotten the answer, which is to quit accepting federal funding, in my opinion. This only applies to people who desire HUD funding. Through social engineering... excessive inflation. Positive action. Unrestricted frontiers. Illegals were moved around the nation and dumped.

locking down COVID. environmental crises. Mandatory vaccinations and passports debt forgiveness for students
Gas stoves, dryers, and cars are all driven away. The illegally elected president and his drug-dealing son work for our enemies.
How about your aging ruler, Shufflin Joe, you communist sons of a Bitard?

Why don't they start with Martha's Vineyard and the rest of their posh residences? You know, try leading from the front once.

They are idiocy personified. People will always group together based on class. It is in our nature. No one has ever taught it. It is a widely accepted societal norm. It is absurd to imagine that residents from different socioeconomic groups will all reside in the same area. People won't act in that way. People from the upper class won't reside in the poorer areas. Additionally, those in poverty won't purchase mansions. It's that easy.

Now The B.S.

The Biden administration's racial justice initiatives are spreading to American cities and suburbs.

A new program being implemented by the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) will require any town, city, or county that accepts grants for federal housing to "proactively take meaningful actions to overcome patterns of segregation, promote fair housing choice, eliminate disparities in opportunities, and foster inclusive communities free from discrimination."

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program is a reintroduction of the HUD's 2015 AFFH Rule, which was first introduced by the Obama administration but repealed in 2020 by the Trump administration, which criticized the policy's "onerous burden on localities and federal overreach into local housing policy."

According to the Biden policy, "communities must prepare and submit a plan to demonstrate that they are 'affirmatively furthering fair housing' in order to qualify for Community Development Block Grant funds." Author of "The Poor Side of Town," a critique of American housing regulations, and senior scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Howard Husock, told The Epoch Times. They will need to satisfy HUD authorities, who will examine the actions they are doing and determine whether they are sufficient.

According to Mr. Husock, one of the things HUD will check for is whether low-income housing is being built in "high-opportunity neighborhoods," close to high-performing schools, close to libraries or supermarkets, or in a location that best serves those with low incomes.

Hardworking people are prevented from buying homes because of the color of their skin, according to a statement by HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge.

After Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, the Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed. It forbade discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, sex, gender, disability, or family status in the purchase, leasing, and financing of housing.

However, Biden has exploited a provision in the Act that orders the government to "affirmatively further fair housing" to extend enforcement beyond the purchase or rental of a property, with the intention of compelling local governments to develop equitable plans for diversifying communities.

By performing spot checks on realtors to ensure that they are not discriminatory, you might argue that you are advancing the cause, Mr. Husock said. The word "furthering" is being interpreted by them to signify a mix of incomes in different zip codes.

The new regulation will require "ambitious goals to not only confront and reject housing discrimination in all its forms but also recognize and remedy enduring inequality," according to Ms. Fudge, who also added that "local governments and other recipients of HUD funding set ambitious goals to do." Our efforts to address persistent segregation, underinvestment in communities of color, and discrimination in the housing market will be greatly aided by this rule.

Centralizing power in Washington, D.C.

The measure's opponents claim that it not only departs from the original meaning of the law but also represents yet another effort to diminish the voices of local communities by consolidating power and decision-making with the federal government.

Since the 1960s, when federal grants and help first became popular, there has been a long-running expansion of the federal government's authority over local authorities, according to Mr. Husock. "Once these federal government grants got going and truly took off to the point that there are now thousands of them, all of them can provide the government influence.

"The Biden administration is certainly a part of that, but it's a very long-running trend," he said.

In the 2023 Omnibus (Consolidated Appropriations Act), Congress allocated $85 million to identify and address obstacles to the building of affordable housing this year.

Regarding this funding, a HUD representative informed The Epoch Times that "each community has unique housing needs and unique challenges to affordable housing production and preservation."

"For some communities, those barriers include land use policies and local regulations; for others, barriers might also include gaps in financing, insufficient infrastructure, or a lack of capacity to develop and implement a housing plan," HUD said. Funding is "explicitly provided for addressing these types of barriers and advancing local housing strategies" by the department.

In 2007, the Anti-Discrimination Center of Metro New York sued Westchester County, a rich suburb of New York City, for what it claimed was its inability to offer affordable housing and lessen segregation. This litigation brought the topic of neighborhood diversity to a head. However, Westchester was not accused of breaking the Fair Housing Act in the lawsuit. Instead, it accused Westchester of breaking the False Claims Act of the Civil War era by lying to HUD when applying for $45 million in community development subsidies and failing to "affirmatively further" equitable housing as it had pledged.

At the time, Susan Tolchin, a Westchester County advisor, referred to the case as "garbage," saying, "We don't have control over land use."

As a result of the lawsuit's settlement, Westchester County committed to construct 800 new low-income housing units. This will probably serve as a model for how the AFFH will be applied.

Local zoning rules, which require things like single-family dwellings over multi-family housing or minimum lot sizes, are the target of much of the ire of those advocating for racial fairness in housing. California outlawed single-family zoning in its entirety in 2022. The bill, SB 9, made it possible to build up to four units on properties that were previously only big enough for one house.

According to estimates, HUD's AFFH program will have an impact on 1,200 localities. The majority of America's wealthiest localities, such as Beverly Hills, California, and Concord, Massachusetts, do not frequently accept HUD funding, so it is doubtful that they will be impacted.

Some claim that local communities are already promoting affordable housing in the methods they like on their own.

According to Gretchen Baldau, director of the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) Task Force on Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development, "a lot of the ideas they propose are ideas that are coming from the states."

"A lot of states are interested in ways that they can increase the supply of housing so that housing can become more affordable and so that different types of housing can be built," said Ms. Baldau. For instance, Montana recently passed a law that broadened the range of properties that might count as single-family homes.

By allowing accessory housing units on various lots, she explained, "it allows starter homes." "These are things like granny flats, or they can be standalone, modest buildings that serve as starting homes and help people enter the housing market as homeowners. From there, individuals can begin to advance and continue to amass money by utilizing the equity they are accumulating as homeowners.

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