Watchman Says Nobody Wants Electric Cars Except Musk and China, Where People Are Forced to Buy Them, New World Order Mandate


A senior economic advisor to former President Trump has warned that EV demand is dwindling, implying that they would be a big commercial flop.

Stephen Moore, senior economist of FreedomWorks and former senior economic adviser to former President Donald Trump, has predicted that America's electric vehicle (EV) sector will be the "next big flop."

Mr. Moore made his bleak prediction for the EV market during an interview on Fox News' "Varney & Co." on Oct. 30 and an op-ed in The Daily Caller on Oct. 29, in which he compared the current EV push to the unsuccessful deployment of the Ford Edsel.

"One of the textbook marketing flops of all time was the Ford Edsel sedan, which was heralded as the hot new car in the late 1950s," he said in the op-ed.

The difficulty I see with EVs is that the market is pushed toward high-end vehicles, which, while very elegant, are out of reach for many people, including myself, and the prices continue to rise!

In China, you can buy several low-end vehicles that may not have all the bells and whistles, but they may be readily charged and provide 200-300 km of driving range, which is great for many individuals who live in cities or only travel short distances and have low yearly miles. I don't need a $70,000 EV charging in my garage to drive.
A limit of 12 kilometers to the store once a week, or a maximum of 30 kilometers to a restaurant or a friend's house a few times a month.

Making EVs in the United States is prohibitively expensive. There is far too much red tape and government control. Tesla was able to accomplish so against the US government's opposition. Big Auto EV Meetings purposefully omitted Tesla because he did not want unions interfering with his business. The way the US system works is that the government invests billions of dollars in the development of the EV industry.

The Swamp seizes the opportunity to line their own coffers by having some say over how this money is spent. Then the outcome is not very promising. Musk SpaceX has significantly reduced the cost of traveling to space. The NASA swamp is being forced to close its doors. So the FAA refuses to license his Starship test flight, and the DOJ pursues him, suing him for refusing to hire non-Americans.

Other government-paid parasites are also launching legal action to demolish SpaceX for the benefit of SWAMP. Tesla has also encountered numerous bureaucratic roadblocks along the way.This government is a tool for transferring government funds into private hands, with disastrous results. It's known as corruption feeding on the public purse.

Buying an EV implies supporting the NWO's aim of servitude. Traveling time is limited—15-minute cities When the government shuts down your accounts, you have no cash and must rely on your credit card. A social credit score system a la China... foolish people believe everything is OK until the government comes after them as well!

They are not powered by electricity! They run on batteries! The battery is charged using fossil-fuel-powered electricity! Electric adjective definitions: using, providing, producing, transmitting, or functioning with electricity "electric current" "electric wiring"

Anyone with half a brain might have predicted this. This swindle, like many others, is the result of government subsidies and corporate avarice. Musk Dreams of Doom

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