Watchman Says She’s a Demonic Trans Activists, Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Attacked GOD Fearing Christian’s in a Recent Speech, Accusing Them of “Championing” Homophobia and Transphobia in the “Name of Religion,” Adding That They Must Be “Exposed and Silenced”

SRH: Once the truth is shut down, this country will fall into complete darkness. 


Recently, actress Jamie Lee Curtis gave a speech in which she criticized conservative Christians. She said that they were "championing" homophobia and transphobia in the "name of religion" and that they needed to be "exposed and silenced."

"These are very dangerous times, and I'm very happy to be in a room with people who are fighting the best fight they can fight," Curtis told the crowd at the Out100 Celebration. According to Fox News, the event was a red carpet honor for Out magazine's 100 LGBTQ trailblazers. For some reason, the Halloween star then said that she "prays" that religious people who have different views than her are "exposed and silenced."

SRH: Once the truth is shut down, this country will fall into Complete darkness.

She should know that men have a penis. There is a vagina in girls.

I'm shocked at how far Hollywood and the left have moved away from what Christians who really want to know God believe. It's not hard to find parts of both the Old and New Testaments that clearly condemn gay behavior.

Some women (and some men) think that to love a child, you have to back them no matter what, even when they are doing wrong. Jamie Lee is like those people. These kinds of people mix up love and luxury. Love is looking out for the best interests of another person, which is their union with God. You need to know a lot about God and His rule and be ready to give up your relationship if you have to.

She "prays" that religious people who don't agree with her are "exposed and silenced."

1. What does that mean?
2. Who does she pray to? Maybe the devil!

I do Do you remember how Jamie Lee looked in Trading Places? If you look at her right now, it looks like she got a Satanic rap. That person says they can't tell the difference between a man and a woman. What do you call that person?

Any faith, like Christianity or Islam, can be an atheist faith. God picked things that most people think are silly to make people who think they are smart look bad.

Chapter 20 of Leviticus

13 If a man lies with other people like he lies with a woman, they are both guilty of a sin and will be killed; their blood will be on them.

I believe it's a pretty big sin in God's eyes!

The truth matters Besides being So-So movie star, she is clearly not good at being a parent.


The Next Wave of Anti-Christian Left-Wing Trans Demons Is About to Be Released—Anti-Christ Mob Is On the Way.




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