Watchman Sees Elitists WEF and Co. Behind Red Sea Container Ship Attacks as Key Trade Route Freezes, Global Economy Will Be Shut Down, Tribulation in Play

SRH:  It seems that there is no one willing to intervene and halt the ongoing attacks on the shipping container in the Red Sea. This terrible development appears to be embraced by those in positions of power. They have the authority to end this situation in just one day, yet they made a deliberate choice not to do so.



On one of the busiest maritime routes in the world, massive freight corporations have been forced to alter or halt their movements due to attacks on commercial ships close to Yemen, a country in the Middle East. What is the purpose of these attacks, who is doing them, and what are the possible consequences?

The Houthis, a rebel group from Yemen, have been launching attacks on ships in the southern Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, a tiny passageway that connects Yemen and Africa.

The organization has fired several missiles at ships from Houthi-controlled territory. According to reports, the US and France have also shot down many drones that were fired from Houthi territory. In one extreme instance, a helicopter even touched down on the deck of a hijacked cargo ship.

Several of the largest shipping firms in the world have changed their routes as a result of the attacks, despite the fact that no one has been murdered and no ships have been sunk.

A faction within the nearly ten-year-old Yemeni civil war.

The Houthi family, who had established a religious revival movement for the Zaydi sect of Shia Islam in the 1990s, had formerly dominated Yemen but had seen its northern stronghold become destitute and marginalized. The Zaydi sect had once ruled Yemen.

The Houthis rebelled against the Sunni government in 2014 and took over control of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, sparking the start of the current conflict.

Conflict between Sunnis and Shias stems from disagreements on the Prophet's successor

Early in 2015, Saudi Arabia started using air power to strike the Houthis, who are aided by Iran, other Gulf countries, and the United States.

By the end of 2021, the dead toll from the proxy war was getting close to 400,000, which has been disastrous for the already impoverished Arab nation. With almost 20 million people in need of relief, the UN has dubbed it the biggest humanitarian disaster in history.

Major shipping companies are rerouting vessels from the Red Sea to the Cape of Good Hope to avoid Houthi drone and missile attacks. New shipping data indicates a significant decrease in commercial vessel activity on the critical global trade corridor connecting to the Suez Canal, responsible for 12% of international trade and almost one-third of global container traffic.

Bloomberg data shows only a handful of container ships with destinations in Europe or Asia are sailing through the once-busy Red Sea. These vessels are being rerouted around the Cape of Good Hope.

New data from Clarkson Research Services Ltd. shows an 82% plunge in the gross tonnage of container ships arriving in the Gulf of Aden in the last four days, compared with the first half of December, according to Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, logistics company Kuehne + Nagel International AG reported at least 100 container ships were rerouted around the Cape of Good Hope. That number is likely higher at the end of the week.

Seven major shipping companies, including Taiwanese container shipping line Evergreen and Belgian tanker owner Euronav, halted all sails through the Red Sea earlier this week.

While traders have been focused on rising Brent prices due to regional instability, CNBC learned this week that logistics managers were quoted $10,000 per 40-foot container from Shanghai to the UK. Just last week, the same rates were about $2,400.

Extended travel times due to the 1 to 2-week detour have sparked supply chain chaos from retailer IKEA.

"What we can share for now is that the situation in the Suez Canal will result in delays and may cause availability constraints for certain IKEA products.

 "This is our main priority. In the meantime, we are evaluating other supply options to secure the availability of our products, and we continue to monitor the situation closely going forward," said an IKEA spokesman.

Meanwhile, the US and its allies are trying to restore order in the major maritime shipping lane via Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Comments from the White House on Friday afternoon show things are heating up:


The Red Sea appears to be entering a deep freeze. This could only mean global supply chain snarls will reemerge near term. ZeroHedge


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