Watchman Warning: Its Going To Get Real: Lawlessness, Politicians, Overlords, and the Thought Police, AKA Tribulation


The dominoes have begun to fall and we need to be prepared for the worst, because it is coming.

HNewsWire: I have often commented that inflation is especially nefarious, because it operates in the dark machinery of the night, as nobody notices or has the time to understand it. Inflation robs people every second of every day, with a majority of its victims unable to articulate how it works. Inflation’s equally odious and obnoxious cousin is shrinkflation. Shrinkflation is what companies do when they don’t want to violently rub it in your face directly by raising prices. Instead they offer up the gentle rub of giving you less product, for the same price. Usually, this douchebaggery is accompanied by exceptionally insulting marketing. For example, here’s some limp-d*cked attempt by a focus group at Proctor and Gamble at trying to convince you that the Arabic numeral “6”, an integer known and understood for millennia, actually means “9”. Shrinkflation is just as grotesque…

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The um-elected totalitarians who believed they had the authority to guide people towards a 15 minute city. They envisioned a world where everyone would reside in tiny 500 sq ft pods and be content with meager portions. They even proposed the use of central bank digital currency, which could be used to control individuals whose social credit scores declined due to their deviation from the approved narrative on social media.

There was a powerful Wanna-be ruler who desired to have complete dominion over a humble village. This ruler devised a cunning plan to achieve their goal, seeking to reduce the population through various means such as vaccines, scarcity, and conflict. Their intention was to exercise absolute control once this plan was fully realized.

In the realm of the Fourth Turning, a tale unfolds where darkness casts its shadow upon the land. Behold, as the journey takes a treacherous turn, where strife, crimson rivers, and disarray abound.

HNewsWire: Bill Gates and other globalists used MIT and other universities to develop these systems, but when the public resists this Orwellian takeover, they denounce it as a conspiracy theory — the ultimate form of gaslighting. But now, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab called for a mandatory global health pass in the form of implantable microchips within 10 years. In a 2016 interview that’s now gaining national attention, Schwab, also the founder of the globalist Great Reset agenda, explained that within a decade humanity will be required to have implantable microchips to serve as a global health pass. Watch Alex Jones break down Klaus Schwab’s 2016 prediction that humanity will be micro-chipped within a decade. The interviewer asked Schwab in French, “we are talking about chips that can be implanted. When will that be?” “Certainly in the next 10 years,” Schwab responded. “And at first we will…

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