Watchman: Why Does the Way of the Wicked Prosper? It Is Easy to Look At Our World Today and Wonder-–Like the Biblical Prophet Jeremiah Did – Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

The Realm of Commerce, the Private Sectors Possess the Remarkable Ability to Generate and Cultivate Wealth. In a World Where Resources Flow Like a River, There Are Those Who Wield the Power to Collect (Steal) the Wealth of the People.

Congress Has 5 Days to Avert a Shutdown

HNewsWire: Our government has been busy for years shutting down American individuals, and as a result, our economy, trade, education, and agriculture have all been stifled. our means of travel, our medical treatment, our means of contact, our religious beliefs (in and of Christ's teachings), and so much more. The "Government" is the people's sworn enemy. Put an end to it. Nothing can hurt you but the government. Disclaimer: The only good that can come from government is restraint. Tyranny ensues when governments are not restrained.

We have entirely too much bureaucracy, so please silence these useless politicians.
We're not only financially strapped, but our nation is also perilously close to falling off a precipice.

The US government is now $34 trillion in debt because to the greed and idiocy of lawmakers. The vast majority of these "elected" officials have no intention of putting an end to the excessive spending and lavish lifestyles funded by the American taxpayer.

Johnson, the Speaker You must not let the swamp swallow you up. When Congress is not in session, we the people have the most peace of mind. If you don't have the money to spend, DON'T!

By theflstandard

It is easy to look at our world today and wonder – like the Biblical prophet Jeremiah did – why do the wicked prosper?

Many of the world’s most evil people are highly esteemed in America. They enjoy authority and prominence in our society – from greedy businessmen and conniving politicians to charlatan pastors and vain celebrities. Most of our nation’s prestigious institutions have become houses of debauchery, avarice and malice. Our culture is dominated by vapid nonsense, and those who vowed to defend this country are consumed by their own self-indulgence.

What’s worse: this revolting decadence seems to grow with each passing day. And it’s not just America. Governments across the world have embraced the tyrannical globalist agenda, which perpetuates and thrives on this shallow hedonism.

The wicked prosper as their depraved desires fuel their sinful behavior. Rather than making difficult decisions in pursuit of a good and virtuous life, they take the path of least resistance. They choose, instead, an existence devoid of any moral standard and encourage their followers to do the same.

We live in a culture that is hostile to virtue. A culture where people who flaunt their pride are not chastised; they are venerated and given awards. Megan Thee Stallion, a female rapper who claims to be “on her thot s#!%,” won new artist of the year at the 2021 Grammys. The leaders of Black Lives Matter received the Nobel Peace Prize despite looting, rioting and burning cities to the ground. National Geographic celebrated the pandemic’s chief propagandist, Anthony Fauci, after he torpedoed the economy and destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses with his “public health” recommendations.

Today, it is harder than ever to live with integrity and achieve the same levels of wealth and renown as those who sell out and disregard the word of God. While the wicked prosper here on this earth, we can be sure their day of reckoning is coming. Nihilistic and self-absorbed people typically carry a tremendous dread of death. As they try to create heaven on earth – with no concern for how they achieve it – they are left with nothing but sadness and fear.

Conversely, the righteous may not enjoy riches and glory now, but their time will come. That is why those who honor God have no fear of death. Indeed, they look forward to judgment day.

It is always tempting to compromise on our values in order to get ahead in life, but we forfeit our souls in the process. When I was a younger man, I thought my vice would leave me feeling on top of the world. In reality, it always left me empty and unfulfilled. In the midst of my Dorian Gray lifestyle, I knew that something was missing. It wasn’t until I turned from my selfish behavior – and sought to honor God first – that I found happiness and joy. Of course, I still battle my own sinful desires and temptations, but I have resolved to never sacrifice my moral convictions in pursuit of worldly gain – not now, not ever.

God willing, we must try our best to remain steadfast in what we believe in and what we hold true – despite life’s hardships, the tantalizing prosperity of the wicked and our own weakness. And hey, maybe if the Lord is merciful, we can lead some of the wicked down this road to glory. That would be true prosperity.




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