Watchman:Any Food Rationing Program Run by the Government Will Have To Meet These Requirements: “Do You Have the Most Recent COVID Booster?” No Food Card Until Shots Are Up-to Date. Please Turn in Your Registered Guns Before Getting Food. We Saw Your Bad Comments on Social Media; You Might Not Be Qualified. Biblical Tribulation In Real Time

By SRH, Hold on, things are about to get very sacred. No one knows exactly when Christ will come back, but we did get clear signs. I've said this many times. I might be wrong about this timing, but there's no doubt that we are in the middle of a very terrible time of Tribulations.

Any food rationing program managed by the government must meet the following criteria: "Do you have the most recent COVID booster shot?" There will be no food card unless the vaccines are current. Please surrender any registered firearms before receiving your meal. Your unfavorable comments on social media may reflect a lack of qualifications.

Nothing is perfect; every system has a breaking point. People display tremendous resilience due to their intrinsic ability to adapt. However, this indicates that we routinely postpone dealing with our society's problems. Issues are frequently left unresolved until they escalate and result in a total meltdown.

People become worried after 7-10 days without eating. This is the moment when they know that nothing will ever be the same again. People begin to show signs of malnutrition after two weeks, and fatality rates rise after three weeks. There will be fights and thieving, but it will be pointless if there is no food to take.

Some people assume they should avoid areas with scarcity, although forecasting where shortages will arise is difficult. When traditional truckers go on strike, it's easy to tell which places they're protesting, but that's just one possible situation. Consider a situation in which a nationwide power outage or a large-scale immigration issue interrupts supply chains in both rural and urban areas.

Biden And His Gang of Satan Soldiers, et al.: They Have Destroyed the American Economy, and Now They Go After Humanity,Tribulation in Play. Our Economy Is on Life Support. Anyone Who Believes Anything Different Is Delusional.



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Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation

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