Watchman’s Warning: One of This Plandemic are Going to Work and People Will be Place in Camps,Its Just a Matter of Time


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SRH: A New “Health Alert” From the CDC Calls for the Isolation of People Who Have Contracted Avian Flu. After an h5n1 Infection in a Texas Farmhand, the CDC Issued a New Warning About Avian Flu.

Following the confirmation of a human bird flu infection in a dairy farm worker in Texas earlier this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning to state health agencies and clinicians earlier on April 5.

Health care providers should be aware of the federal agency’s “updated recommendations” regarding “instructions for infection prevention and control measures, using personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, antiviral treatment, patient investigations, and monitoring of exposed persons,” which include those who have been “exposed to sick or dead wild and domesticated animals and livestock with suspected or confirmed infection” with H5N1 avian influenza. This information was provided in a “health alert network” advisory.

Regarding medical professionals, the agency advised them to “consider the possibility of” bird flu in patients “exhibiting signs or symptoms of acute respiratory illness or conjunctivitis and who have relevant exposure history” with animals or birds that may have been ill. One of the main symptoms, according to the FDA, is conjunctivitis.

The United States is witnessing the emergence of uncommon illnesses. Could it be possible that H5N1 has been manipulated genetically? Considering the upcoming presidential election, it is highly probable that the Democratic party may resort to exploiting another pandemic as a means to deceive.

An individual, undoubtedly breaking the law, fell ill in Texas. Quickly retrieve the vaccines, masks, and gloves! Implement a lockdown and stay hidden at least until after the November elections.
Utilize mail-in and drop-off voting methods. Or is it possible that we have heard this narrative before from the CDC and Fauci?

Bill Gates is saying to himself, “This is fantastic!
My bird flu will wipe out a significant portion of the global population in addition to contributing to the destruction of the food supply!
I’m overjoyed!
Since 2009, I have been sponsoring research on gain-of-function to make avian flu attack people and mammals. I’ve prevailed!
1) A great deal of people will die from my bird flu.
2) The global food supply will collapse as a result of bird flu.
3) The number of starving deaths will increase.
3) I’m going to have to have more people consume my lab-grown meat.
4) I will benefit at least 20 to 1 from my purchase of bird flu shots.
5) My vaccinations will cause even more deaths.
If bird flu spreads, it might become illegal to raise hens.
-vLnkEFS2rc can be seen on YouTube.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.Keep in mind, this is just one person out of over 300 million. It’s not really newsworthy.

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