Another Plandemic in the Works, I-40 Bridge Shutdown…

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And It Will Affect the Prices of Goods and Services Shipped Along the Mississippi River…

Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions, Satan Soldiers Staged Hoax Blended with Reality…

Father, we see a massive plot to assert control–show us how we can stand, as your word says in Ephesians 6:13. Open our eyes. Give us discernment. Grant us courage Amen…

Plandemic Movie Facts or Fiction? - @Asherunderwood

Officials told FOX13 at least 16 vessels and a total of 229 barges are now parked up and down the river.

Vessel traffic near the bridge was stopped near mile markers 736 and 737 until further notice.

The Coast Guard is working with the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The shutdown along the river could mean longer wait times for deliveries or some items going out-of-stock in stores.

Industry experts said the longer the bridge is shut down, the more consumers could pay for goods and services.

Captain Lozier grew up on the water. He’s a third-generation captain who’s never seen anything like the closure of the I-40 bridge.  

“I’ve never heard of anything like this before… it be shut down like this before. That’s the first time I’ve seen that bridge silent this long,” said Captain Lozier.

Captain Lozier’s Memphis Queen is docked in the Downtown Harbor. He’s got a unique view of the bridge that is now shut down.

Memphis is the fifth largest inland port in the United States. Right now because river traffic is shut down it leaves barges and tugboats at a standstill. It’s not clear how long the stoppage will last.   

“It’s going to have a negative impact on the industry because you have all these boats that are tied up. All your bulk commodities run up and down the Mississippi River. Everything from petroleum to corn to soybeans. Everything. This is the interstate that moves everything,” said Captain Lozier.

Transportation officers and police block an Interstate 40 onramp to the bridge over the Mississippi River near downtown Memphis, Tenn., on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The Arkansas Department of Transportation tweeted on Tuesday that it found a crack durin

The bridge carried a 2020 average of 35,000 vehicles a day across the wide Mississippi, 29% of them trucks, according to the report. Its traffic volume was expected to increase to 56,000 vehicles per day by 2040.

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If you still think this all happen by accident (plandemic) there’s nothing I can do to help you.

Shipping traffic on the Mississippi River halted. I 40 bridge over the Mississippi River shut down, possibly for months. It won’t take a PhD to analyze what’s going to happen in grocery stores very soon. SRH….

Unfortunately the Plandemic Will Only Hurt the Working Class, in the Near Future…

FEMA Will Step in Providing Food and Shelter, There Will Be Thousands of Families Seeking Assistance…

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Bow down to satan soldiers, comply, submit!

If you haven’t noticed, those in power accuse others of the nefarious things they are doing themselves. This is likely the directive at the Ministry of Truth—take the script, and flip it.

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