Evil Tyranny on Autopilot: LA County Set to Resume Mask Mandate, California Has Suffered Under Some of the Most Extreme Coronavirus Crackdown Measures in America,”Tribulation”

HNewsWire: California Has Suffered From Some of the Most Extreme Coronavirus Crackdown Measures in America. LA County Is Set to Resume Mask Mandate.

Coronavirus outbreaks in Los Angeles, California, have resulted in some of the most draconian restrictions in the country.

Even though the county's mask mandate is no longer in effect, county policy states that it will be automatically reinstated in case of "high" coronavirus "community transmission" in the county, and if it remains at that level for a period of two weeks. It would mean the return of the county's mask mandate.

Director Barbara Ferrer of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health advises that if the present pattern of growing "cases" continues, the mask requirement will return before the end of this month.

It's madness on top of madness. The tyranny is operating on full automatic.

The coronavirus that is circulating now is quite different from the coronavirus that was circulating in Los Angeles County when the county ordered the use of face masks. Nevertheless, the county has automated the reimposition of the same policy, notwithstanding its claimed responsiveness. While masks are known to cause health problems, they do not prevent against the transmission of coronaviruses.

To prevent disease, the county should demand that everyone in the county carry a rabbit's foot in their pocket. The most crucial thing to remember is that mask requirements violate individual liberties and go beyond the scope of legitimate state authority.

However, if a figure on the county's CDC-inspired chart rises beyond a predetermined threshold and remains there for a period of two weeks or more, the county will reimpose the draconian mask rule.

When "community transmission" went below the "high" standard, the previous Los Angeles County government's mask requirement stopped in March. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva had indicated in July of last year that the county sheriff's department would fail to execute the order.

If the requirement is not enforced, officials on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will be furious. As a result of Villanueva's unwillingness to implement the previous county government's mask order, the county board members now have Villanueva in danger of losing his job.

The county board is debating next week whether to place a proposal to remove the elected county sheriff from office on the same November ballot as Villanueva's reelection bid.


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